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Attention to detail: waxing intimate areas

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The Question of whether to remove hair in the bikini area, for many it remains open. However, waxing intimate areas —, the procedure is practised by almost all modern girls, because grooming requires attention to detail.

Every girl knows that removing unwanted hair in intimate areas does not always go as smoothly as we would like. Let's try to understand all the subtleties and nuances to this sensitive issue.

the Design of the intimate zone: possible options

There are women who don't see the need to remove hair in the intimate area. Well, they have that right, because every girl has her own idea of beauty and grooming. However, among those who regularly or from time to time makes the depilation delicate, there is no unanimity.

Conventionally, there are following types of waxing bikini:

classic —, remove only those hairs that are visible under panties or a swimsuit, full — in the upper part of the pubic hair is removed, and the bottom are made in the form of a neat triangle, French — in the intimate area are removed almost all hair, there is only a narrow strip from the pubis to the buttocks area, Brazil — removes the pubic hair, labia, buttocks, can be left a small triangle of hair, Hollywood —, deep hair removal bikini area, where the intimate area is completely exempt from hair.

Any of these options intimate waxing can be implemented in several ways. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular of them.

is it Possible to remove hair in the intimate area with a razor?

many women are often tempted to use the razor to quickly allow the intimate area to the right. And no wonder: the procedure can be done at home, it takes very little time and not cause any pain.

However, this method of hair removal has several disadvantages:

the result will be pleasing for very long (1, max 2 days), on the second day of the bikini area will be barbed, the probability of appearance of irritation, inflammation and ingrown hairs, to a substantial risk of cuts, if hair is thick and hard, there is no feeling of smoothness after the procedure.

Experts do not recommend using a razor for hair removal in intimate places, as in this area the skin is particularly delicate and sensitive. In addition, if you resort to this method regularly, hair will become darker and more rigid, remove them each time will be harder and harder.

However, sometimes, there are situations when to use the razor is still necessary. In this case, you need to follow some simple guidelines:

before the procedure, good to steam the skin, taking a warm bath or shower, choose a good machine that is designed specifically for women's use, the blade should not be dull, strokes should be in the direction of hair growth after the procedure lubricate the skin with hydrogen peroxide or Chlorhexidine, and then a soothing cream, preferably some time not to wear underwear (you can wear on a naked body robe, or turn into a sheet or towel).

the Delicate hair removal in the intimate area with cream

Girls with especially sensitive skin often resort to using depilatory cream for hair removal in the bikini area. Simply apply the product on skin and after some time to remove with a spatula along with the unwanted hairs.

This method has the following advantages:

the painless procedure, the possibility of implementing the process at home, waxing does not take much time.

However, this method of hair removal have drawbacks:

the skin remains smooth and beautiful but longer than using the machine, but not much (2-4 days), the possibility of allergic reactions to components of the cream, removing the hard and thick hair medium efficiency is greatly reduced.

in addition, it is not recommended to apply the cream for hair removal deep bikini, as this may be detrimental to women's health.

Those who use this method of hair removal intimate zone, you should take into account that:

before applying the cream it is necessary to conduct allergotest: apply a small amount on my elbow, if the skin does not react to any unwanted manifestations, to use the product, keep the product on the skin should be as much as stated in the instructions, but in any case this time should not exceed 10-15 minutes for hair removal sensitive skin of the bikini area should use creams specifically designed for this, remove the spatula means need in the direction of hair growth, to avoid irritation.

Long-lasting effect: the waxing and sugaring

Waxing is carried out as follows: a small area of the skin of the bikini area on hair growth apply a wax which is then removed against the hair growth with a spatula or special strips. Depilatory wax can be hot or cold.

When sugaring instead of wax uses a special sugar paste is applied against hair growth, and removed, on the contrary, growth. It is believed that this procedure is less painful, which is important, especially if you have a process of deep bikini.

If after waxing or shugaring remain isolated hairs, they are usually removed with tweezers.

These methods of hair removal intimate areas have significant advantages:

unwanted hair is removed permanently (usually the effect lasts 3-4 weeks), after waxing or shugaring skin very soft and smooth, to use the procedure regularly, over time the hairs become thinner and lighter, grow very slowly and they have to remove less and less, can be used for deep hair removal bikini.

Despite the undoubted advantages of the procedure, there are several frightening for some girls moments:

pain during the procedure, high-quality waxing takes a lot of time to remove with wax or sugar paste short hairs is very difficult, therefore, to carry out the procedure, it is necessary to wait, when the vegetation reaches a length of about 5 mm.

Without the relevant skills to efficiently meet the challenge is unlikely to succeed.

getting Rid of hair in the bikini area forever

Waxing of intimate areas — and the procedure to forget about the need the dream of many girls. Demand creates supply: modern beauty salons offer their visitors the opportunity. At the request of the client, experienced specialists can permanently remove unwanted vegetation in the bikini area using one of 3 methods:

Electrolysis — the procedure in which to thread the very thin needle is applied an electric discharge that destroys the hair follicle. For hair removal destroys the effect of a powerful light pulse. Laser hair removal is considered the most preferred as it is least painful. In addition, the effect of laser is more delicate, which is very important for the sensitive skin of the bikini area.

Despite the fact that these treatments can help get rid of unwanted hair in intimate areas, they have several drawbacks:

it takes a few sessions to remove the hairs forever, and the cost of the procedure, while quite high, such methods of hair removal accompanied by pain, especially when machining deep bikini, each of these procedures has a number of contraindications, thus requiring mandatory pre-consultation of the doctor.


Waxing the bikini area requires a special approach. When choosing a method of hair removal in the intimate area should consider not only its material capabilities and ideas about how it should look delicate place, but also the sensitivity of the skin and its reaction to different effects.

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