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Types of facial

Expert articles on diseases, treatments and prevention, all about inhalers and medicines 30.05.2019 at 16:24

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Almost every woman knows what waxing face and why this procedure is necessary. Hard and dark hair on women beautiful face — it is not the most pleasant phenomenon. First waxing on the face of the need for hair removal on the face, in particular antennae.

What is waxing

Waxing face — is the removal of hair, which reaches the surface of the skin, not touching the bulbs. We can say that this method is short-lived. This method differs from the treatment, because in the process of epilation removes the hair and bulb. Usually, hair on face is more worried about women.

of Course, radically change the situation depilation can't, because this procedure removes only the surface part of hair. In addition, experts say that with regular use of this method for removing mustache hairs become more hard and dark. To hair removal above the upper lip and not only gave the desired result, the experts recommend to use special cosmetic products which have properties that slow the growth of hair.

There are many types of hair removal. For example, the man to remove the mustache and beard shave uses. For women this method is not suitable, because the consequence of shaving is the roughness of hair and irritation, which is especially true for delicate and sensitive skin.

today, girls have developed many methods of hair removal and tools that will help during this procedure. Each girl must choose the most suitable method that would not cause irritation, rashes and other side effects. Often hair in women is found on the upper lip. In more rare cases, mustache accompanied by a small beard, or the presence of hairs on the cheeks. Often the wax is used to improve the shape of the eyebrows.

unfortunately, this procedure is not so harmless and has some contraindications. Waxing or other means impossible in that case, if the area of skin affected by rashes, allergic symptoms, or has scars and wounds. The experts advise to carry out the procedure to those who are sick with diabetes, because in this case, the human immune system is very weak, and there are certain risks of infections. Are also strictly contraindicated to waxing in areas of tumor. It might be an ordinary papilloma. If the tumor is damaged, there is a risk of uncontrolled growth. To remove the hair from moles better with scissors, so as not to injure them. And most importantly, what you have to remember every girl —, you can not reapply the depilatory. It can cause absolutely unexpected reaction of the organism.

Types of hair

Girls with a high proportion of male hormones in the body can feel insecure. No man is not interested in the lady with a mustache, though, so you should eliminate the unwanted facial hair.

the following treatment:

electrolysis, laser depilation, depilation using sugar or wax, plucking, using special chemicals, shaving.

the First method cannot be called one of the most common, as this procedure is, firstly, quite expensive, and secondly, painful. The principle of the method is the following: using a special needle into each hair follicle is weak current, which weakens and destroys the structure of hair. This method takes time because in one session the effect is almost not visible.

Laser hair removal works approximately on the same principle as the last method of hair removal. Is current on the hair follicle is exposed to light beams. For the complete removal of hair takes 3 to 10 treatments. Still, this method, in spite of several advantages, has a disadvantage in view of expensive cost.

the Following method of hair removal uses every second woman. Waxing for the face —, it is quite best hair removal method because of its inexpensiveness and availability. In every cosmetic store you can find a lot of methods for hair removal with wax or sugar. Wax or sugar strips can eliminate hair for up to 6 weeks. Waxing does not take much time, so make it can even the most busy girl. Waxing on the face almost has no contraindications and causes no side effects.

by Plucking only the girl who has a lot of free time, but can't afford to buy a special product. The principle of plucking facial hair knows every girl who takes care of my eyebrows.

the Following method, though the available material, but has many contraindications. Chemical depilatory can cause irritation or allergies, so before using the drug, you should carefully read the instructions.

the Most common way is shaving. This method is the least expensive, but not very effective. After a few days there are new hairs, so the procedure should be carried out very often.

the opinion on the subject

of Course, the increased level of male hormones in the female body cannot be called the norm, because apparently it's clearly read by a dense hairline on the face. Of course, no woman would allow themselves to leave it as is.

What type of hair removal is right for you, you should consult a specialist, yet it should be noted that there are clear contraindications to any procedures of this type of getting rid of hair (wounds, scars, rashes, skin diseases, diabetes mellitus).

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