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The most shocking hypothesis. Step into another universe (2019) SATRip

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Where to hide from the planetary catastrophe? The mystery of the alien bowls. Life on Venus discovered. Who today maintains contact with extraterrestrial intelligence? What is inside "a black hole?

In April 2018 astrophysics for the first time in history photographed a "black hole". The object is in the galaxy M87, 50 million light years from Earth and the size comparable with the whole Solar system. Hole easily swallows the neighboring planets, and stars, its mass is concentrated in such a small area that the outside can not penetrate even light waves.

to take pictures of what is inside a black hole is impossible, but before forever in her abyss, the object accelerates to the speed of light and start to glow. It is this glow and managed to photograph a scientist. The greatest physicist of our time Stephen Hawking was convinced — on the other side of the hole must be other worlds.