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Family summer photo shoot

Wedding and family photographer 30.05.2019 at 10:31

Michael noses

Everything you need for a summer family photo shoot this summer and family!

the Nature, the sun and a professional photographer will make everything right for the unique shots.

For example, one photo shoot to get into the summer family photography.


the Bright sun and calls for a photo shoot with the whole family! But do not rush to shoot in the middle of the day – hard light creates excessive contrasts, and keep your eyes open in this world is not so simple, especially to children.

the Perfect time for a summer family shooting before 10 am and after 18.30 (sunset hour).

Our photoshoot took place from 19 hours. As can be seen, the soft light and gentle shadows create especially warm shades and tones and even lighting allows you to shoot from all angles.

the Place

Magic frame you can create in almost any location. We chose an ordinary country village and the surrounding fields. Importantly, in selected locations you and the children feel natural and relaxed.

the Kids don't like static poses – so give them the complete freedom of action (as did we). To run through the field, to relax under a tree or at the nearest fence to play with the branches of trees – trip to the maximum is selected for the background.

it is Important that the place match your images.


a win-Win for a summer family photo shoot – minimalist images:

comfortable clothing; lightweight natural materials; bright colors; simple accessories.

Here family look ready.

the Idea

as the details of the shooting picked up a juice with which children played.

the Other attributes was prompted by nature itself – lush bouquets of wildflowers and floral wreaths.

the build Process and weaving is a great story for a summer photo shoot.

As you can see, shooting outdoors brings a huge opportunity for choice and change different stories and ideas.

And of course frames which do not manage a family photo session – the embrace!

the Main rule – they should be as sincere, not staged. To do this, play with the kids, for example, catch-up or competition (race to mom and dad), give the job to find as many colors, and so on.

during or after the game, the kids will definitely be attracted to their moms and dads. You only have to catch the right moment! And this is my job

Each family photo session is unique. I invite you to Fund your album is warm, Sunny, radiant staff.

Record the photo shoot in the room 8 -927-85-35-333

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