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#dangerprone: how not to lose the exchange themes of the day 05.06.2019 at 21:01

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When buying foreign currency you may encounter with the above, because of which your expenses will be higher than planned. How not to be deceived?

the Summer vacation season and, consequently, increased demand for dollars and euros. Exchangers, where the client could easily cheat, long ago outlawed, but some "clever" scheme is still used by financial institutions.

• When going to the Bank for currency, be careful. Perhaps the rate shown on the display in office (street billboards has been prohibited since the end of may) does not correspond to that which will be derived. You can explain that different reasons. For example, the fact that the course is valid only when you purchase a certain amount. Before you pay money to exchange, be sure to ask the cashier what amount you will receive in the end.

• you can Also face a fee for currency exchange. In advance warning, the details will become clear when you discover a mismatch between received and expected amount. Therefore, it is also important to check with the cashier in advance is there a fee for purchase of foreign currency.

• Another problem faced by buyers of the currency "cash", — shove a bad bill, that is damaged, torn or any marks. Carefully inspect the banknotes, on the spot, and if their appearance is anything not satisfied, demand to be replaced.

• to minimise possible trouble, better not to trade at a time a large sum, and to split it into several parts.

• If you decide to purchase currency in the Bank, you can use the service of and compare courses offered by different credit organizations. Some banks offer this service, as the reservation of the required amount. If the course suits you, and in the next few hours to get to the exchange office will not work, it is possible to hedge against intraday fluctuations, order the desired amount.

do Not forget about alternative ways to buy currency, more secure and cost-effective than an exchange of "cash"

• it is most Convenient to purchase the currency Internet banking. Enough to make a few clicks and the required amount you have in the account. The money you can withdraw from an ATM with the function of issuing currency or in the Bank. If you want to find a course cheaper than one that offers "native" Bank, you can use the online service to purchase currency. Operation occurs on the Internet, you enter your card details and buy the required amount. You can get the money in one of the branches of banks-partners in time. If necessary, you can cancel the operation and return the money to the card.

• If the currency is required regularly and in large amounts, it makes sense to open a brokerage account to buy the currency on the exchange. Purchase at the exchange rates generally profitable, but you will need to pay a Commission for the services of a broker and a Commission for money withdrawal to a Bank account. In some banks the service of currency purchase on the stock exchange proposed premium customers.

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