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Dancing with ATMs themes of the day 06.06.2019 at 21:02

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The Specialists of Positive Technologies in the course of two years researched the security of ATMs and compiled a list of most vulnerable points. To suffer when attacks are not only banks but also their customers.

the ATM is something like a computer: hard disk, system hardware, display. There are specific nodes — for example, dispenser of banknotes, which counts and dispenses the bills, or a card reader that reads card data. Security experts have studied the basic tactics of fraudsters and counted what percentage of the investigated ATMs are vulnerable in one or another part.

most of the examined Positive Technologies ATMs were poorly protected from network attacks. Moreover, in order to hack the device on the network, an attacker would need on average about 15 minutes. With about a third of ATMs could be vulnerable to attack through the substitution of processing, when the fraud actually involved in the transaction.

Two-thirds of ATMs are vulnerable to attack called Black Box, when the attacker connects directly to the cable dispenser (the device which stores bills) and sends commands on the issuance of banknotes. This attack usually takes around 10 minutes.

the Connection to the hard drive will allow the attacker to bypass the security and obtain control of the dispenser. While it requires physical access to the ATM, and the attack itself will take about 20 minutes. This vulnerability was found more than 90% of ATMs.

the Vast majority of ATMs vulnerable to the attack of the format "the output mode of the kiosk". The fact that a normal user when working with ATM is limited to the application of so-called kiosk, which is available to him only a few functions. The hacker went out of that mode, gets available to the operating system of the ATM and then interacts with it sending the right commands.

And finally, the most unpleasant for banking customers, that is us, vulnerability is the interception of card data. Unfortunately, this attack can be completely studied all of the ATMs. Layman eyes it's hard to know which device is dangerous and what is not.

the Study showed that banks have work to do in terms of security of their ATMs from the point of view and from the point of view of physical protection of service areas.

Experts say that it is best for transactions to choose ATMs located in the office building where there are guards and surveillance cameras. Such devices are least likely to be selected by fraudsters to attack as most of them need physical access to the device for 10-15 minutes, directly in the Bank office, of course, impossible.


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