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Why only monthly SEO result?

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Site Promotion – a complex of operations that allows to raise a resource to the top of the SERPs for a particular query. It brings business owners potential buyers and selling, those who earns on news services and blogs that helps you earn advertising and traffic. Companies involved in SEO-promotion, usually sign contracts for six months or a year or more. After all, SEO is not a one-off event, which will give a result for many months to come, and a complex of works fixated in a certain period of time. We offer to understand why it took such a long time. At first, specify what is included in SEO.

the Engineers of promotion Department do several types of monthly SEO work:

internal optimization; promotion and introduction on the first page; support the obtained results.

In the process of internal optimization stands out semantic core – selected keywords. After that, the specialist checks the current status of selected phrases. On the basis of the compiled semantic kernel are defined by the promoted pages, developed (or refined) the structure of the resource set shortcomings and errors that may affect the promotion process. Be sure to configure the file robots.txt – largely depends on the indexing of the site and show/hide the service partition. After that we formed a technical task to write optimized texts. The website connects to the panel Yandex.The webmaster Center for webmasters Google.

the Promotion (also called external optimization) consists of:

the formation of the anchor sheet; building a reference mass; audits, their purpose is the improvement of behavioral factors and certain other characteristics; compile a list of improvements on the site and their implementation; regular viewing positions in search engines; viewing of and response to notification of the search engines; writing of the report.

the Support includes audit and operational Troubleshooting, monitoring of positions, edit text information, checking the relevance of a semantic kernel and report generation.

SEO as a complex process Why important regular monthly work on the SEO

there are several reasons:

Change search engine algorithms. Google always introduce some innovations. Your actions yesterday can be today is irrelevant. For example, earlier valued "zapomnienie" texts. Now bucking the trend – both systems require a "natural" content for people. The loss of relevance of the semantic core. Requests are influenced by "fashion". Trends, popular today, tomorrow become useless. So you need to make time monitoring of positions and audit. The presence of seasonal queries. Take for example a sporting goods store. Winter can move sections such as "Skating" or "Skiing", and in the summer "camping equipment", "Bicycles". Removing one or the other in the wrong season will not be effective.

so, we discussed the main types of work on SEO, the question of their regularity. This will enable us to understand the specificity of activity of engineers of the Department promotion and to realize the necessity of long-term cooperation with companies working in this field.

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