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What to do when you don't grow sales. Check-list for salvation

Orlan 05.06.2019 at 21:13


Made cards with tips that will help to increase sales. Maybe a lot of you already do, check yourself, if you have missed something.

Give the seller feedback the Manager must monitor the implementation of the tasks, analyze deviations and take corrective actions. Imagine the following situation. The seller has finished working day, turns off his computer, and at this time on the screen of his monitor displays graphs with key indicators. He sees, in what areas is each of them. For example, all in the dark grey area and then the TV screen flashes of the fireworks, and then turn a short video of the circulation supervisor, who thanked him for his excellent work during the day. Or he sees that some of the indicators fell in the yellow zone, and this time the head from the monitor screen said: "a Decent job, thanks. Tomorrow still have something to pull. Agreed?" Question: how to change the motivation of the seller? The results of research unequivocally testify that the opportunity to observe the results of their work in an interactive mode increases productivity and employee satisfaction. Therefore, even if the existing software does not allow to implement this functionality, make sure that each seller had the opportunity to see your personal performance (a performance shop) and compare them with other employees.

the sales Standards

Retail sales is the business in which it is important to the achievement of targets. To manage it, you need to create the optimal way in which these indicators are met. This is the sales standards. If this method is losing its effectiveness, creating a new. Sales standards are necessary for the feedback that you need to give the sellers. To sell themselves only a handful. It stars. All the others sell only when working with technology.

Hidden video

How to understand why sales are not coming? One of the effective ways — hidden video of actual sales with the subsequent analysis. Complex in execution, but very clear. For this purpose glasses with built in camera, hidden camera and even camera smartphone, right sticking out of his breast pocket. Can this survey be replicated in other stores to understand how competitors sell. The analysis begins with safe search at the shortcomings of others, and ends with viewing the records in the "native" store. The effect is dramatic. Insights, tears and motivation to change are seen as a bonus.

Work with client objections

customer Objections — it tips. Maxim Batyrev used the method described in one of the books on sales, and discharged himself on a cardboard card and some of the most common failures of the Client, but on the contrary wrote, that this objection means to him. For example, on one side the text "I already Have a legal system from your competitors", and on the other a translation of "I don't see a fundamental difference between your products and the products of your competitors" and so on. Now their workshops Maxim teaches kids that work with Clients to each objection took place in the brain of prodavan prodavnici through a special transformer and transformed into a clue. When have in mind prodavnici transformer, you don't want to break off the negotiations, to take this objection to a Client in the office and then transfer it to your ROP, you continue to fight and go to the end. For example, the Client says, "I already Have unsuccessful experience of advertising. Don't want", and the seller ignores these words through the magic transformer and hears: "Dear seller, can you tell me again why I should trust and where is my guarantee that this time I will feel the effectiveness of advertising".

let alone provocateurs

Not all the criticism productive. If you do not are selling and you are looking for reasons for failure, you can fall under the influence of provocateurs. Remember: the person, whose goal is to find something bad, necessarily will achieve your goal. That's what history tells Maxim Batyrev: "When I was a young salesperson, a Customer directly from a threshold began to destroy all of our bright work and to say something from the "don't believe you, because you're all liars", and since I really wanted to save face for my company, I tried to prove to him that we are doing business very honestly. I will not describe all the details of my deflections in front of this Client, but I can only say that for him I got a copy of the direct contract of our vendera with one of the ministries that talked about the absolute accuracy of the information contained in our system. He took the Treaty in hand, shook it before the eyes and told me a brilliant phrase, which I cringe to this day: "I still don't believe you!" And I spent on it at least three days of your life." The provocateurs don't need answers to questions, it is better to leave them alone. Let them choose a victim to someone else.