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The skin of the polar bear black

Pectrum 08.06.2019 at 10:47

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The polar bear Fur is not white as it seems, and transparent. Each hair is hollow, like a little glass cones. And under this colorless coat hiding a black skin.

the Dark color of the skin of a polar bear by chance. Black surfaces attract the light better and faster heat up. The dark skin of the polar bear work along with the "glass" fur, which is devoid of pigment. Due to this, UV rays can easily penetrate through the fur and concentrate on black leather. Wool is permeable to ultraviolet radiation, therefore, different insulating properties. Sometimes a polar bears fur turns yellow due to constant exposure to sunlight or seems brownish because of the lighting.

At the zoo, where wet and warm, it may even be green if inside the hollow hairs will start algae. In 2004, at the Singapore zoo this is green with two white bears, as the humid and hot climate of the country is perfect breeding ground for algae. Animal fur has been clean with hydrogen peroxide. The only way to prevent "greening" of bears in this case — timely cleaning of enclosures.

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