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Julia Roberts about the bad ending Beauty Breaking news 08.06.2019 at 20:02

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The Work of Julia Roberts in "Pretty woman" became a cult, so the actress to this day asking about the details and interesting facts of the picture. In the new issue of Variety, the interviewer made a colleague of the actress, a 51 — year old Patricia Arquette. She asked traditional questions about the cult melodrama. It turns out, Arquette also auditioned for the role in "Pretty woman".

"Many years ago one of my auditions was for the movie "3000". Most people don't know what the plot of "3000" was the original script of "Beauty", and his final was very difficult," said Arquette.

Roberts agreed with a heavy ending and said: "Yes, he had to get her out of the car, throw on top money and just left, leaving her in some dirty alley".

Then Julia got the role in the movie "3000", the filming of which was doing a small film company. Soon, the Studio ceased to exist, and the actress was left without a job, but a tough start just became a gold mine to Julia. "There was one producer with the script. And he went to "Walt Disney company". From the s