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The FBI released a file on the Bigfoot

News of cryptozoology 07.06.2019 at 06:38

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Federal Bureau of investigation, US issued documents related to the study of Bigfoot. We are talking about the analysis of some samples collected at the time, one of the researchers who spent his life in search of the Yeti.

Now Peter Bern 93, and in 1976 the scientist, intending to prove the existence of mythical creatures, forced the FBI to verify the samples of hair and tissues, which, in his opinion, could help the cause. It was about 15 samples. "The FBI analyzed hair, said in a research note Bureau, dated February 1977. The experts came to the conclusion that the specimens belong to the subspecies of a family of deer".

93-year-old Peter Byrne has admitted that he has still not lost hope to prove that Bigfoot (aka Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Ugly Snowman and Bigfoot) is real, although extremely rare creature. "This is a big challenge," said Byrne, when he was asked to explain almost seventy years of interest in search of creatures which, many believe, are a figment of the imagination or instrument of fraud.

On the website of the Bern says that "the first opportunity to go in search of the Yeti appeared to him in 1946 when he was still in the British Royal air force in Bombay, India." The photograph on this page shows him with the famous "Yeti scalp" in the temple in the Himalayas in Nepal in 1958. Another photo shows a very large trail possible Bigfoot. His desire to see the Yeti led to the organization of three large-scale expeditions in search of Bigfoot in Nepal in the late 50-ies of the last century.

Byrne said that over the past 50 years, he found two or three possible signs of Bigfoot has five toes on each foot left in the Himalayas at a height of four and a half miles. However, he acknowledged that these prints could leave the Hindu Holy men, or sadhus, whom he saw at such heights. It is the people who renounce earthly goods and go to the ascetics.

After moving to the USA in the 1960-ies Bern became the head of the "Information centre and exhibitions Bigfoot" in Oregon. With the support of the wealthy, he tried to find convincing evidence for the existence of Bigfoot in the Northwest America (Pacific coast). "I was there full time, seven days a week," said Byrne about his early searches of the Yeti, which was last funded in 1990-ies. Now, according to him, the search for Bigfoot remains a hobby of his.