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Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson was responsible for "Men in black" The article 06.06.2019 at 10:55

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Moscow was visited by Thor and Valkyrie – albeit in new incarnations. Unfortunately, the press conference for the film "Men in black international" was short and uninformative, but it's true – what can I say?.. While on the other hand, even the nuggets said can represent huge interest for fans of...

Describing Moscow in three words (a new variation of the traditional and unchanging soul of the question), Chris Hemsworth remembered what had been there seven years ago (in the "Avengers" when they came to us with his first film overall), and found that our capital is impressive and warm "and the weather is beautiful and the people are very warm we are; I'm happy to come here".

Tessa Thompson in turn was more than satisfied the appetites of secular chroniclers, describing and absorbed it food (the eggs in the evening, the herring in the morning), and impressions from the morning the same baths, where she heartily spanked brooms: "It was something with something".

Yesterday, I drank vodka and I loved it. Have nacidos for this reason prior to departure.

Moscow for her is a story, something exciting and also a mystery. Being a big fan of Chekhov (which is nice, of course, to hear), the actress would like to visit our house (apparently, the Moscow art theatre) and generally hoped that she will have time to explore our city a little better.

Fudge journalists interested in how artists were using would erase the memory of the laser, whether he is really available. Chris beautifully said that he would prefer to forget about all those good movies that looked over the years and which grew to redownload them to review and to experience once again the same happiness from their discovery, the joy of a first impression. Tessa, however, doubted his sincerity, suggesting that in fact he'd done so, everything was forgotten that not so long ago he starred in "dancing with the stars" (where, however, lasted a whopping six episodes).

And what do the gadgets of "Men in black" actors would use in your daily life? Then both agreed on the cars, the more there was involved "a very cool Lexus" and "nice old Jaguar" with all sorts of fantastic equipment. "Yes, I used "Jaguar" has got pocacola reed Tessa. - Weapons I don't need, but I need a flying car - due to congestion".

Chris Hemsworth on Photocall in Moscow © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International

do you believe in anything supernatural? "Of course!" - the answer was Hemsworth.

I want to believe and believe that outside of our view of the world is something more. Huge universe around us, friends! I want to be optimistic and to believe that outside of our world can be anything. And aliens, and ghosts - all this could exist!

though the actor himself with the ghosts never met, but told the story as filmed in London, the old fourteenth-century house – and his daughter, who was then two years old, standing at the window, supposedly saw on the street ... the horse. "Oh, I wonder, thought Chris. – My daughter sees a horse. And the horses there..."

While the journalists were pondering that diamond from the personal collection of memories, Tessa Thompson managed to assure everyone that she's in magic and in witchcraft exactly trust: "my Mother once saw a Ghost when I was a kid."

What about some signs pointing the way, the Hemsworth once again reminded the audience that if at the time it had not wrapped with samples for the "X-Men", it eventually would not have asked to play Thor – well, it is not Providence?..

I do not believe in the idea that everything is predetermined, but I believe that we need to choose what to do, and that some magical power might lead you to where you should be. Some power, which is very gently and carefully leads somewhere those people, who work hard and inject much – and eventually all turns out.

I love your new character, it's not like anything that ever was! It is very realistic, very lively, earthly character. Sharp, sharp, energetic, witty guy. And the film has a sort of arch: at the beginning of my hero – a sort of arrogant revolutionary, but then turns into a completely different person.

And found our dear guests of the newcomers in Moscow? I don't think so; "Maybe another pull of vodka?" - kindly offered by the moderator.

But it's time and serious issues, and Chris bravely entered into a discussion about what is normal – what "Men in black" Cox, now women (and it's not only Tessa, but her namesake Emma Thompson): "the New film, like the original, very modern, it matches what happens in the world now corresponds to the current topical issues". "It's nice when the man answers questions about feminism," smiles this partner, continuing:

one day we'll get to the time when a woman as the main character of that film will be perceived as something normal and natural. Someday we will cease to be surprised. We are returning to old ideas – so that we can re-reveal some important points. Including, for example, and that that woman can now lead a franchise.

And that she is especially pleased: "It's rare that in these pictures appears a smart woman. I like that she is that nerdy and interested in everything around – and suddenly embedded in such a film with special effects."

Tessa Thompson on Photocall in Moscow © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International

Admitting that have never really never dreamed about tapes of this magnitude, Tessa remembers that the first series of the popular franchise came when they Chris was fourteen years old – "and ideally lay on our psyche". Following the success of the beloved will Smith, which in their eyes - including thanks to the "Men in black" - has evolved from a local rap stars in a star truly global ("It was a great event!"), Tessa realized: "we Must believe in the dream and anything can happen."

But not tired already from each other Chris Yes, Tessa? Because so often they now have working together! "I think Tessa is tired of me" begins to moan he then, of course, getting hot denial: "No, of course not!!!" And both agree that "we make a great star": "We love to see on set was fun, and with each new movie we all easier to work around." "We communicate well among themselves, even when not removed, says Tessa, Recalling that in the history of Hollywood there were many couples, once someone put in front of the camera – and since they are decades removed or still removable together:

Here I would like Chris to star in it! He is so versatile an actor that I recently told him: "Look, we have so many already in the franchise have played, maybe we need to star in some drama? Or perhaps romantic Comedy?.."

Chris happy to this idea picks up, agreeing that there really is potential in the story of how Thor and the Valkyrie are living, say, in new York, clearly sympathizing with each other. May we ever see this movie wait.

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