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A vineyard of 16 hectares

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Slankamen - Vojvodina - Serbia is Sold very well the Vineyard is 16 hectares in Slankamen in a very good location, the Vineyard belongs Bimigoo doo Slankamen, which is engaged in the business for many years. The company is engaged in production of grapes In 2007, the Grapes are grapes aged 5 to 10 years sold Every year a large number of grapes that are pre-specified in the contracts For this year have already been agreed, a greater quantity of grapes to be delivered to famous wineries In vineyard is white and red grapes There are several varieties of grapes grape Varieties MUSKAT br kom ORNEL 40.059 TALIJANSKI RIZLING RAJNSKI RIZLING 13.391 5.300 6.000 PINO SARDONE BLAN MERLO 2.754 2.000 2.068 KARDINAL 3.770 Just TRAMINAC grapes 75.342 kom Vineyard of 16 hectares and trading firm sold the owner 1 / 1 Price dogovornaya TEL +381 64 128 68 92 MAIL