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Metal beds manufacturer, military bed

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The Manufacturer is indispensable in our country metal beds "Metal Beds", sells its products with possible delivery to the Russian Federation, as well as to cities of Kazakhstan and Belarus. We used to be proactive, and in our warehouses ready to be shipped:

army metal beds metal beds single-tier single-tier single beds, metal double beds 2 bunk beds metal 3-tier iron

Wish to see our entire range and offers, go to our website and choose. Our company obviously works honestly with every customer, and so the online store you can see the prices on metal beds from the manufacturer under each of the true image. We tried under each product to give a detailed description to make it easier and easier to make the right choice.

Select the metal beds a good bed, our production, and get your order by the agreed deadline. Use our products in dormitories, hotels, hostels and sanatoriums, and your guests return to you more than once!

Our contacts:

+7 926 875 47 01

+7 926 786 44 45

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