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Heets sticks wholesale price direct from the importer.

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Heets sticks wholesale price direct from the importer. Sticks Heets for heating Iqos tobacco, this alternative to the classic cigarettes at an affordable price. Heating tobacco HEETS iqos have already won world markets and officially sold in more than 47 countries around the world. Offer You wholesale Sticks such flavors Amber Heets, HEETS, Yellow, Turquoise HEETS, HEETS, Purple, Bronze HEETS, HEETS Green Zing. Features flavors: Heets Bronze Label is a mild, aromatic blend with subtle notes of cocoa and dried fruit. In block 10 packs. Heets Purple Label - a Refreshing menthol taste with light fruity notes. Stick Heets for IQOS tobacco Parliament Label Amber is a Classic rich taste. To report inaccuracies in the description Heets Green Zing - Sticks for use with IQOS. This soft aromatic blend with light notes of lime. In block 10 packs. Heets Turquoise Label - a Refreshing menthol taste. Heets for IQOS Parliament Yellow Label – Classic light taste. Flexible pricing policy Opt from 250 units are$ 10 from 500-9$, from 1000-8$. Delivery is carried out from the territory of Ukraine in the CIS and other countries of the international transport company "DHL Express". Phone; +380941296767 Andrew Viber; +380941296767 Telegrams: +380941296767 Video Full range and prices on our website:

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