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The skills of emergency

June 5, 2019, at 20.00 in the Phalanstery will be a public discussion

Police neoliberally States: return to violence? France and Russia

Participants: Alexander Bikbov (graduate school for social research, Paris), Alexander Verkhovsky (SOVA Center), Ann Le Ueru (University of Paris-Nanterre), Denis Shedov (OVD-info), Aleksey Polikhovich (OVD-info).

the Usual perception of police violence and judicial tyranny in Russia — that they were "always" being derived from the archaic power structures. As surprising it may seem, but a close look share today in France, the "Motherland of human rights". Recent social movements, especially Yellow jackets, showed the rapid expansion of police and judicial repression beyond the usual boundaries of media migration and polydactylies. In such dissimilar political regimes possible convergence of power mechanic? One of the strong hypotheses is the routinization of emergency, during which law enforcement agencies receive a special, previously non-legal powers under the pretext of protecting the safety and freedoms. Illegal keeping the peace is a particularly acute paradox of neoliberal control, which is usually built on radically different principles stimulating and flexible power. In France, this shift can be traced more clearly, thanks to the more consistent legal codification and public discussion. The comparison of the two contexts gives the opportunity for a fresh look at the Russian situation. Not hidden, or in Russian "it has always been" more complex evolution of control and security, in which archaic elements of sovereign authority unaccounted fill cavities and pores formed by the rejection of the bureaucratic state? Sociologists and experts in political repression will discuss how there is legalized return to violence in our neoliberal societies.

the Discussion is open and all are invited.

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