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Two methodological workshop

7 and 13 June 2019 I will be in the IGITI two workshops on methodology and tools of modern social research:

on 7 June, 18.00 Historical sociology of concepts: the platform open source. Methodological workshop based on the book "Grammar of order"

the basis of the workshop is the study of the methodological principles and conflicts that underpin social analysis of key Russian and Soviet political concepts in the book "Grammar of order". Special attention will be paid to the history of concepts to the analysis of Russian material and its installation with modern research versions of the sociology of knowledge and professions.

the Key questions of the workshop :

How to distinguish the basic unit, and whether their exhaustive dictionary? Political concepts and social institutions: why semantics is not enough? How to work with the formula Kozelek: basic concepts as indicators and factors of social change. Opossumsmost sociolinguistic assumptions: Koselleck, Pocock and Bourdieu. The struggle for definition and career logic: integration of the sociology of knowledge and professions. The social life of concepts: a sketch of the notorious late-Soviet "doublethink". As concepts become basic? Sociology of circulation and competition. History of concepts as a tool of historical sociology order/s.

, Participants can choose to Express the concept of research and to trace its path in social interactions, following the proposed scheme (see link below).

on 13 June, 18.00 Methodology Bourdieu: research application

Workshop dedicated to the application of the methodological structure and methods of the sociology of Bourdieu in the historical, cultural or sociological study. Key question: how does the approach of Bourdieu, it can be useful in your research?

the Participants of the workshop can send brief summaries of their current research (master's or dissertation), accompanied by two or three methodological issues, or a description of difficulties encountered working with the material because of which it would be useful to refer to Bourdieu's methods.

a Detailed description of the tasks for both workshops

Venue: St. Basman, D. 21/4 , building L, room. L-505.

it is Important: to whom to submit assignments and how to request a pass to the building

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