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Rice in the East

Cooking recipes for the whole family 04.06.2019 at 12:34

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Don't you think that photo is a strange, at first glance, the dish? Click on it with the left mouse button and if you increase try to find all the ingredients! See, at first the plan seemed transparent figure? It look pink pieces of something tasty, and on top laid a green stripe of a mysterious vegetable! But attention is drawn to the white seeds scattered freely around the dish! What is this exciting dish, which has ever tasted in one of the Moscow cafes? Called just, not very impressive! But the taste! Stunning! But let's try and we cook rice at home.

the composition of the products of rice dishes: Rice Cucumber dlinnoplodnye sesame Seeds Sesame or olive oil, Carrots, garlic, onion, herbs and favorite spices Salt, black pepper, water

to Cook the rice so you need: Round or long grain rice, which one you like the loop, wash to the transparency of water and soak for 15 minutes Then drain the rice through a sieve, give the rice a little dry In the pan with non-stick bottom, heat the 2 tbsp oil and stir in the dried out rice. Fry it until transparent form, Remove the pan from the heat, leave to cool a little, pour in boiling salted water in proportion 1:1.5 cups (rice-water) 1 minute cook the rice on high heat, then on low for 20 minutes, the lid tightly closed. The rice should absorb all the liquid and become loose And now sauté the onion and the vegetables, chop the herbs, pepper and salt to taste, skip through the press garlic, add your seasonings and spices and mix it all with rice Garnish with a long twisted slices of cucumber to the top of the dish and sprinkle with sesame seeds

note that in the pic in the East instead of water you can pour in fish or chicken broth. And under the pic put crab sticks, or pieces of red salted fish, or fillet of boiled chicken

good Luck in cooking and Bon appetit!

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