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Cinema D-ILA projector JVC DLA-NX9B: higher contrast and resolution support 8K the article 10.06.2019 at 04:00 ( - the Russian information-analytical server, highlighting the issues of hardware personal computers, communications and servers, 3D-graphics and the sound, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors mobile communications and peripherals, gaming applications and many other things.

Projector DLA-NX9B is the next step in the evolution of projection devices available to the common consumer. Strap in 8K if not overcome, it is not something unattainable. Albeit the 8K resolution is obtained by interpolation of 4K technology e-shift, as we know, for example, 4K projectors, ensures real doubling resolution, but progress is undeniable. Without a doubt, this projector for many years can be the basis of home theater the top level. The projector works fine with a different material to the games and movies in 4K and HDR, allowing, if desired, to adjust the image under the requirements of the viewer. Profiles image and lens make it easy to toggle between the created presets that take into account the variation of the terms and content type.