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Are the AMD Radeon RX XT 5700 50th Anniversary Edition: the frequency of 1.98 GHz and 8 GB of memory GDDR6 for $500 fresh news all the sections together 11.06.2019 at 00:01 ( — specialized Russian information-analytical server, covering the hardware of personal computers, communications and servers, 3D graphics and audio, digital photo and video, Hi-Fi equipment and projectors, mobile phones and peripherals, gaming applications and more.

If the AMD Radeon RX XT and 5700 Radeon 5700 RX, was expected in the program performances of representatives of AMD at a press conference dedicated to gaming show E3 2019, the announcement of the Radeon RX XT 5700 50th Anniversary Edition was a real surprise.

However, part of the specifications for any otnowenij no, as this model is, in fact, is the overclocked version of the Radeon RX XT 5700.

As you can see in the picture, in the configuration of the Radeon RX XT 5700 50th Anniversary Edition – the same 40 compute units, and 8GB of GDDR6 memory, but the frequency is higher: base – 1680 MHz, slot – 1830 MHz, Boost – 1980 MHz! Of course, this model's performance is slightly higher than the Radeon RX XT 5700: of 10.14 TFLOPS TFLOPS instead of 9.75.

apparently this model is different from the ordinary Radeon RX XT 5700 Golden accents. As for the price, it was $500 – $50 more expensive Radeon RX XT 5700.