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To learn backend development from scratch


6 August starts the professional course "PHP, level 1". You will find nine weeks of practical work and the protection of personal project at the end.

the Course is designed for beginners in programming, enough to pass basic experience with HTML and CSS. During training you will learn how to write server-side logic for projects.

the program:

the study of the syntax of PHP and SQL; configuration of the web server and database server; solution of typical tasks a backend programmer: authentication, authorization, and working with forms.

the Training is under the guidance of a mentor — an experienced developer, which you will be able to ask questions during the training.

to learn more about intensive — view record of the broadcast with the author of the course Kirill Sienkiewicz, and the related personal projects.

Until June 11, the cost of participation 15 400 rubles, and for the promotional code htmlbook discount 1000 rubles.

see you on the course!

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