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Share "KIT for kids"

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 04.06.2019 at 22:28

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

On 1 June the whole world celebrates children's Day. Therefore, in June in China became already traditional action "KIT for kids".

Let our children grow up healthy and happy!

Let over their heads will always be clear sky!

Share "KIT for kids"

On this action absolutely all have the ability to buy for their children is a reliable friend and helper in the person of unimodular KIT-4 discounted 420, RUB (10KE)

Well, if the parent is a member of the club, its the club discount has discount promotion.

KIT-4 is, of course, help to children of Junior and middle classes. And for high school students and University students in June, an assistant will be ER Pilot.

Therefore, the Pilot becomes anomodontia of the month in June (a page will do). This means that it can be purchased with 20% discount from the basic price, which is 504,0 rubles (this discount)

Discounts on all other unimodularity presented in two tables below.

And please don't forget about the Octopus for kids.

Now each child, even little, is there any gadget. Our new Octopus is very beautiful, modern look and will be the number of your offspring adornment.

About the benefits that the Octopus bring to the health of a child of any age, do not say anything. This you well know.

the New design of the Octopus >>

Our motto has become the slogan of "the Octopus for each gadget is my baby"!

Even if it is a regular push-button phone, which is now a rarity, it must be an Octopus!

And often the child has not only a phone but also a tablet. So, at least, TWO Octopus from a child to be simply OBLIGED.

TABLE discounts on all other unimodularity

For guests special discounts are deducted from the base price of unimodular - see Table 1.

For members and partners of our online store is

additional discounts to their club and partner discounts. That is, the discounts are summed up with the club OR affiliate discounts, and the result is subtracted from the base price - see Table 2.

the Restrictions on the number of purchased unimodular for this action.

TABLE 1 is for guests.

the Name of unimodular base price RUB.

Value subject to holiday discounts, RUB

Individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the nymph of the individual, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, Spring ind., Svyatogor

2520,0 2310,0

Wall - /table-Nymph, Tigris, Spring 2520,0 2310,0

Unimodularity breeze, With, Unicorn, Jaguar 3780,0 3360,0

EM breeze-7

10080,0 9030,0

Individual inomoderator Fairy Phoenix 6300,0 5670,0

EM Owl, Sail 12600,0 11130,0

Inomoderator Octopus - protection from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation 840,0 714,0

TABLE 2 - for members and partners of the store.

the Name of modulators of Holiday discounts in KE - club units

May discounts in rubles

EM individual: breeze-3, breeze-4, Torch, the centaur (EM months), Tigris individual, Spring ind., Svyatogor

5 KE of 210.0

EM Tigris , table Spring 5 KE of 210.0

EM breeze-S, Unicorn, Jaguar 10 KE 420,0

uh Board of Briz-7 ("Board")

25 KE 1050,0

EM individual Fairy, Phoenix 15 KE 630,0

EM Owl, Sail a 35 KE 1470,0

EM Octopus 3 KE 126,0


Become a member of our club can be anyone, who have at least one EM Infotech or three of EM Octopus! As you can see, to be a member of the club is not only interesting and useful but also profitable!

How to become a partner of our shop >>

don't forget to report about the campaign "KIT for kids" to your family and friends. Give them a chance to change your life.

the offer is valid until 30 June!

If You have questions, please call

7 495 502-5944 (or +7 925 5025944), +7 916 6509349

the Office is closed for the summer.

you can Call after 12-00.

If not answered one phone call for a second.



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