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Life has become absolutely impossible to climb this morning in instagram, and there are all beautiful and happy

AdMe RSS 10.06.2019 at 11:58

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My name is Lada Lapin, and I want to say that life has become absolutely impossible to Wake up in the morning, get in instagram, and everything is happy — it's impossible! Even back in the pillow go. Happiness, it you know what now? In the morning, then massage face Asahi, to take a picture of it; my tone gialuronka, take a picture; and then the ass and pumped up and also to take a picture; make sure the bar; while standing in the bar, add in instagram, and then drink the water with vinegar or at least with a decoction of linseed, and to continually lose weight. In an hour you can drink some seedy smoothie of celery, Chia seeds and berries lychee, oatmeal there for utility. To take a picture, of course, beautifully reflected in the mirror in fashionable clothing for yoga. Sponge puff. Children? What children? Oh yeah.