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The head of Bethesda: Starfield should be a new sci-Fi icon the latest news on games. 12.06.2019 at 15:30 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Since the release of the 76 over the Fallout Studio Bethesda has accumulated dark clouds. Not all players want to take a game devoid of plot, characters, and other strange moments. The Studio tries to bring the project to a playable condition and after a series of patches, it became more stable. Also the head of Todd Howard announced that soon in Fallout 76 add NPCs. However, the main focus is devoted to the new project, which debuts on next-generation consoles – Starfield. According to American game designer, the game should be unique and iconic work and compete with the pillars of the genre. "The world is full of science fiction. In games it is less common, more often in movies and on television. For us Starfield is what we thought the last ten years. World game, brand this is our first new intellectual property for 25 years. The goal that we set before our games is unique. No matter whether we're talking about The Elder Scrolls, Fallout or Starfield. We spend a lot of time to our projects was accompanied by the right feeling. To Uglanov [on Starfied] you've presented it next to the "Star wars" or "Star way".