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Destiny 2 might appear in the Epic Games store the latest news on games. 12.06.2019 at 17:45 ( - all about the world of computer games.

In September PC players Destiny 2 will go out Steam in connection with running the add-on of the third year, Destiny 2: New Light. But why not in the Epic Games store? General Manager mark Nosworthy Bungie decided to clarify. "We are not tied exclusively to Steam. It is about where we will move this year. We want that Destiny has become the game that you can play any time anywhere with friends and finding it in different places. It is therefore possible that someday we will be in the Epic Games store and other loaders in different regions." According to Nosworthy first "makes sense" to target the Steam because of the size of the audience and resources that are available to Bungie.