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"You idiots you captured their stunt doubles!" - players scoff at how "the Avengers" from Marvel's Avengers the latest news on games. 13.06.2019 at 05:57 ( - all about the world of computer games.

In the framework of the exhibition E3 2019 the company Square Enix has shown the debut trailer of Marvel's Avengers. As it turned out, "the Avengers" from the game is not like the Hollywood celebrities of the Marvel movies. The appearance of the characters like not all users. Unhappy immediately began to mock this part of the game. "Wow, a parody of "the Avengers" looks amazing," writes Charlotte Ariel Finn. Idiots! You captured their stunt doubles! "Now I understand why Hawkeye was not there," said smilesmorales. Marvel fans pretend that Tony stark and captain America look good in the new game. Marvel's Avengers (developed by Crystal Dynamics) – a shot from a parody sketch on "the Avengers" from the team of the popular TV show Saturday Night Live, the Developers of Marvel's Avengers has already stated that they listen to feedback and intend to improve all aspects of the game, including the appearance of the characters.