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Bethesda demanded to stop development of the fan project Remake of Doom 4 the latest news on games. 13.06.2019 at 07:05 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Bethesda Company demanded to remove from the site ModDB and stop the development of the fan project Remake of Doom 4 & ndash; the Assembly on the basis of numerous modifications, transforming the original parts of Doom. Doom Remake 4 provides, in particular, three-dimensional models and updated graphics. "Report on the closure of our page. With great regret I publish a message stating that he recently received a letter from ZeniMax Media (owner of Bethesda) with the demand to stop the development of Doom 4 Remake. I have no possibilities to support the project. We knew it could happen," said enthusiast vasyan777 involved in the modification. He added that he consulted with lawyers, and he has high chances of winning the case in court. However, the process may be delayed and will require considerable financial expenses. Vasyan777 tried to save the project. Earlier Doom 4 Remake was distributed as a standalone product and not require that users have the original game. Enthusiast released an updated version of the mod, which required the presence of Doom from Steam or GOG. Alas, it didn't help. ZeniMax Media stated that "the engine from a third-party company", which is based on Doom Remake 4, you cannot use intellectual property of Doom. According to Vasyan777, it's a strange decision, since Doom 4 Remake based on GZDoom, which in turn is based on the original Doom engine with the GNU General public license (gives the right to copy, modify and redistribute the software). In the end, the enthusiast had to remove all links to download Doom Remake 4 with official sources.