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Eternal Doom without the traditional multiplayer the latest news on games. 13.06.2019 at 08:39 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Executive producer Doom Eternal Mattie Stratton confirmed that the game will not be the traditional format multiplayer deathmatch (every man for himself). The main online mode is Battlemode format 2-against-1, in which the two players control the demons, and one – Dodgem. According to Stratton, in 2016 Doom the developers have done traditional multiplayer without interesting mechanics elements of the campaign, and this approach never gained popularity. So, id Software will offer something unusual in Eternal Doom, but at the same time decided to develop the network part. Creative Director of Doom Eternal Hugo Marit believes that in 2016 Doom developers do not have to oglyadyvatsya on the fashion trends when you create the campaign and the idea worked. In the case of multiplayer, the creators made the right decision by betting on familiar ideas. Martin believes that in Battlemode players playing for the demons, unable to cope with the enemy not only by their own skills, but thanks to the "strategy and team work." id Software are ready to add in Doom: Eternal support cross-platform play.