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Organic molasses - molasses without sulfur treatment

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Molasses is black treacle, sweet and slightly bitter syrup produced in the manufacture of beet or cane sugar. That word comes from the Portuguese "melaço", where "mel" is a Latin root meaning "honey".

Molasses is a by - product of processing sugar ( beet or cane).

Molasses can be used as a hair mask that strengthens, thickens and gives hair Shine. But the most valuable thing is to take her inside. Just need to buy organic molasses and not something that is sold for livestock and fishing.

what is the use and the uniqueness of organic molasses? One tablespoon of molasses contains

Iron 20% Magnesium 10% Calcium — 10% Vitamin B6 — 8%

the Most valuable thing molasses is a source of plant-assimilated iron, which is essential for women during heavy menstruation and pregnancy. It is much more effective and useful than chemical drugs prescribed by doctors.

Although she is very sweet, but low glycemic index of 55. Got refined sugar 80.

I was advised to buy molasses, naturopath doctor MorNat . After a heavy month I began losing hair, I noticed it only a few months, when he began to Shine through the skin of the head!!! I was shocked t by nature I have very thick, good hair. I ordered the molasses and began to drink it, but I thought she was sweet and I began to buy pharmacy drug. Pharmacy after the hair stop falling, but still don't want to harm the health. And now, do not wait for the fall hair I drink molasses is a tablespoon and everything is fine.

also, the molasses helps to stabilize blood sugar levels through a low glycemic index and ability to naturally slow down the metabolism of glucose and carbohydrates, leads to a decrease in the synthesis of the hormone Insulin.

Molasses contains Chromium, which enhances glucose tolerance. It plays an important role in how Insulin affects our body, helping to control blood sugar, stabilizing glucose, giving us steady energy.

also in the molasses contains a lot of calcium, antioxidants, stabilizes holisterin and is a natural laxative.

Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc., Organic molasses without sulfur treatment, 944 ml

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New look – same great taste! Living sweetness a Good source of calcium and iodine of Organic origin is confirmed by the Ministry of agriculture of USA (USDA) Certified in the framework of the code of fair trade is Confirmed non-GMO gluten free Natural vegan Certified kosher Certificate organic product: QAI

Life is sweeter when it's Wholesome!

In our list ingridientov there is no love, kindness and joy, but they still are present in our product. Every time you choose products Wholesome! someone's life gets a little sweeter.

We put all heart in what we do.

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