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Graphical analysis of the major currency pairs on 10.06.2019

Portal Forex trader 09.06.2019 at 20:06

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Hello. Below you will see what an interesting to trade in the Forex market at the beginning of the new trading week 10.06.2019


EURUSD seems to have decided to change the trend and continued growth through the level 1,13000 and resistance trend line. I think there should wait for correction back to the trend and try to look for purchases, with the goals 1,15000 and above. According to the statistics of transactions and large number of sellers, long the correction will not. Is at whose expense go up.


On AUDUSD price failed to close above the resistance level at 0.7000. Will probably finish this correction and resume the decline, continuing downtrend. Price Action patterns here yet, but looking at the sales inside the day.

the Fundamental news APR S&P/ASX 200 + 0,95% of the Exchange closed with the Nikkei + 0,53% KOSPI + 0,16%

Asian investors continued a positive correlation with the stock exchanges the New world, on Friday stocks rose, reflecting the rise Thursday on the U.S. stock exchanges. An additional stimulus for purchases of shares have insider news that appears in the moment about the possible postponement of the White House imposing duties on Mexican imports.

Today morning with important news:

Japan: GDP China: import/export, balance of trade, the US Dow Jones + 1,02 % S&P500; + 1,05%, NASDAQ + 1.66 percent

the Growth of American stock indices on Friday, supported by news on the possible freezing of protective duties against Mexico and hope for the future the fed rate cut. They are based on bad statistics on jobs, published twice worse expectations of experts.

the Ambassador of Mexico to the United States March bárcena makes an official statement on the agreement with the White House

on Saturday morning, U.S. President Donald trump has confirmed the rumors about the freezing of fees, posting a message on Twitter. The official confirmation came from the Ambassador of Mexico in the United States Martha bárcena.

the Promised sanctions frozen for an indefinite time because of the decisive action of the Mexican law enforcement authorities closed the border with Central America a "human shield". The migrants that were already in the country are given work and political asylum.

Evening released statistics Canada:

15-15 – the Volume of construction of new homes 15-30 – building Permits Eurozone DAX + 0,77% CAC40 + 1,62% FTSE + 0,99%

European stock rose on Friday on negative news: the slowdown of the German economy, reducing its surplus, slower growth of jobs in the United States. This is a clear indication of large-scale international economic crisis, forcing global Central Banks to cut rates now.

In particular, the likelihood that the ECB will reduce interest rates on loans in the near future for 10 points, jumped by 60%. Cheap money will provide a rally in the equity markets, as it was at the previous lower rates.

in the Morning and afternoon will be released:

11-30 – UK GDP, industrial output, trade balance

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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