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Analysis Forex market on 14.06.2019

Portal Forex trader 13.06.2019 at 21:11

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Hello. Below are a few recommendations for trading in the Forex market on 14.06.2019


On a pair of USDCAD formed a pattern of Internal bar at the level 1,3300. Will probably continue the correction on up to 1.3400 and passed the trend line. Purchase do not see here, it looks like we will deploy the trend is downward.

the Fundamental news APR S&P/ASX 200 — 0,02%, Hang Seng — 0,05%, Shanghai Composite + 0.05% and the Shenzhen Composite + 0.29% of Nikkei — 0.46% of the KOSPI and 0.27%, respectively

the Statement by the representative of China to the United Nations Chen Xu stopped the fall of stock indices of China – Chinese authorities are ready to sign a trade agreement with an acceptable level of compromise. In the second part of the speech of the official representative of investors are Korea and Australia reacted to the sales. Chen Xu said of China's willingness to begin and continue the imposed war.

the Mutual sanctions already affect two economies, if earlier, China recorded zero inflation, then Wednesday night came the increase in the trade deficit of the United States.

the Prime Minister of Japan at the official meeting with the President of Iran in Tehran

the Nikkei declined on the topic of Iran – a country for the first time in 40 years, visited the Prime Minister of Japan. Shinzo Abe has taken on the mission of a peacemaker in Asia and the Middle East, trying to solve the "nuclear conflicts" of Korea and the Islamic Republic, the beginning proved to no avail.

Today in the morning came a lot news on the markets of Asia Pacific:

China: industrial production, unemployment rate and investment in fixed capital Japan: industrial production New Zealand: PMI in the manufacturing sector of the U.S. NASDAQ + 0,57 %, Dow Jones + 0.39 percent, the S&P500; + 0,41%

the Growth of American stock indices contributed to the two events – the rise in oil prices and forecasts of fed rate hikes. Speculators give a 89% probability that the Agency will soften its monetary policy, lowering the discount rate on June 19.

the Quotations of "black gold" rose by force majeure – oil tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman. The United States through Secretary Mike Pompeo blamed Iran, sending to its shores destroyer. Any military conflict in the Gulf will block or at least significantly reduce the supply of oil that is now on hand to OPEC predicting a large decline in demand. The cartel will not be able to respond by reducing production, it is at the lowest historical levels.

the Last working session of the week will complete US statistics:

15-30 – retail sales Index 16-15 – 17-00 Volume of industrial production – the expectations Index and consumer sentiment from the University of Michigan Eurozone FTSE — 0,01 %, DAX + 0.45% of CAC40 + 0,01 %

Eurozone Investors took a wait and see attitude, focusing on information about the new incentives, which are hinted at in the last speeches of ECB officials. Additional positive Thursday brought the first stage of the elections of the new leader of the British Conservative party, which will take the post of Prime Minister. In the second round by a large margin left Boris Johnson, ready at any price to put an end to the process Brakcet.

in the Morning and afternoon released statistics:

9-45 – Inflation in France 12-00 – Inflation in Italy 15-55 - speech of the head of the Bank of England

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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