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Photographer at the baptism of a child

Wedding and family photographer 13.06.2019 at 11:08

Michael noses

Every shot of a baptism for me, I confess, exciting. After all, no one frame it will be impossible to reshoot or correct. And nuances during this shooting a great variety – from the specifics of the lighting of the temple to the rules of movement during the ceremony.

is No exception photographing the baptism in Vvedensky Cathedral Cheboksary.

the Parents of the little Rodion chose the format of the individual ordinances that shooting is the most convenient (because group baptism to carry out a full survey of almost impossible: in addition to the footage you will be even a large number of people).

In Vvedensky Cathedral priest is not against the presence of the photographer (which, incidentally, is not in all churches!), but the flash had to leave the house. This is required for compliance with ordinances of the atmosphere, but, of course, complicates the work with the lighting.

the footage shows that the light sources on a photo shoot for the baptism of small, so this task can handle only special optics L-class. On a different type of camera to take bright and clear pictures will not work.

Special attention to the shooting in the temple, I give the details – the flame of a candle, the glow of icons and absolutely amazing light, piercing the darkness of the Church through the large Windows. These frames create a special atmosphere – filled and peaceful.

the Most important thing for the photographer on the photo shoot of baptism is to capture ALL of its phases and all participants. One lost moment – and the integrity of events in the future frames will be lost. Who at least once in their life attended this ceremony, know that many of the stages are very fast, and this in turn requires the photographer special skills when moving, but without the hassle.

Baby Rodion during the sacrament behaved surprisingly calm. And due to the fact that the family and godparents in advance was prepared and familiar with all stages of baptism, the imagery was very beautiful and sincere.

I Will be glad to become your family photographer and to fill the album with new personnel the most valuable events in your life!

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