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"Going to the Bank — as a visit to the dentist" themes of the day 13.06.2019 at 21:00

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Customers want the banks stopped being boring and saw in them a personality. As credit institutions solve this problem?

the Reliability is no longer the main requirement of the customers to the banks. The Millennials (born 1980s to 2000s) requires that credit institutions were as comfortable as possible and to adjust their products to meet their needs. According to a survey cited by the rector of the Russian economic school (NES) Ruben Enikolopov, 60% of respondents are ready to change the Bank because of the awkward technology platform.

"the Interface plays a huge role, task — to make a customized platform that would give, maybe the illusion of control that they can adjust the products for themselves", — said Enikolopov the discussion at the SPIEF-2019. He pointed to another feature of this generation — they don't believe the experts, and heed the advice in social networks. This is partly due to the fact that young people have suffered from the recession in 2008.

"they Have undermined the credibility of the experts. The position of "I give you money, you manage them" they should not have. They all are actively involved that does not always lead to a good result. They require a high level of customization of products, owing to the fact that a lot of things they do on their own, such as go to trade on the stock exchange. This is a global feature generation around the world. The second feature is that they have a smaller appetite for risk than in previous generations, they no longer keep their money in cash and in assets that you can touch," he said.

"Personal tips for them is not less important than the advice of professional market participants. This is because the system has changed communications. Individual horizontal communication are beginning to play a much more important role. The social network and rumors are no less important than professional advice", — said the rector of NES.

you do Not want to communicate with scripts

"Millennials want to communicate in their language. If we think that we communicate with them scripts, I can tell you that I don't want to communicate with me scripts. I'm even afraid to call the call center, I want to communicate in their language, perhaps through the chat-bots that will learn and understand how to respond," said senior Vice President of VTB Vladimir Potapov.

"One of the trends is that the younger generation like when they entertain, they don't like it when they're bored. Now the Bank they have is associated with something boring. Going to the Bank is like a visit to the dentist. To go to the Bank physically, they do not want", — said senior Vice President of business development Tinkoff Bank Artem Yamanov.

If you work with Millennials, banks are betting on mobile services and applications, which almost completely overlap with the functional offices. So clients don't have to waste time to connect any service or operation: they are doing it from home via phone or computer, said the Director of Department of retail products ICD Alexei Korsin.

"Another important feature of financial behaviour of young people is habit to use mobile devices. Today to pay for almost any purchases you can use your phone, so carry a map was not necessary. Also the younger generation often uses a variety of bonus programs and draws attention to the offers of banks on kesbeke. In addition, a recent study by the IBC it was found that customers who have become digital, spend 15% more than those who prefer to walk to the offices," — said Korzen.

While Artem yamanov indicates that the trend is toward simplicity and mobility has already played. "The bankers really thought the grocery series, this was due to the infrastructure controller, historically, about the convenience of the customers, no one thought. Then came the paradigm of "fast, cheap, beautiful." Everyone started to redraw the interfaces and make online payments. It's already played out trend. Now people are not looking for "fast, cheap, beautiful" and some financial solutions created specifically for them," he said, adding that the Bank is moving towards solutions built on artificial intelligence. "Mobile era ends, the next will be the era of artificial intelligence. Now the younger generation, that deals with artificial intelligence", — he stressed.

"the Reality is that there will be more and more artificial intelligence. It is necessary to adopt these technologies, you either accept it or you will be behind very quickly," warned Director of data analysis Accenture Athena Canjura. In her opinion, banks need to move towards ecosystem, offering consumers an increasing range of solutions. "For example, to create services on selection of real estate using artificial intelligence to create products and services that will simplify their life," she said.

the Client ceased to be a passive mass

Customers are demanding recognition of their individuality and want to participate in the creation of financial products agree the Chairman of the Board of Directors QIWI Boris Kim. "A customer from a passive mass becomes an active participant in the dialogue. It is very important for Millennials to be heard, to be to some extent co-authors of the product," he said.

According to him, the bankers thought in the category product line and distribution channels, now everything has changed. "The customer has great power, because the choice is very large. In addition, the grocery layer is separated from the infrastructure, and it greatly increases the market supply, increase the power of clients," explained Kim. "Our customers can be our beta testers, promoters, sponsors, products," — he stressed.

there is No reason to single out the Millennials and provide them with special products, according to the President — Chairman of the Board of the financial group "BCS" Oleg Mikhasenko.

"The way people consume financial products linked to life cycle. The youth spends on more simple things, travel, the older generation on the family, the elderly in pharmacies. People grow up, and they are changing priorities. With regard to such things as simplicity, convenience, — it is clear that they are important for all age groups," said Michalenko.


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