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In the Dominican Republic killed tourists from USA

Site of tourism, leisure and travel 15.06.2019 at 10:52

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Dominican Republic slowly becomes cursed place for tourists from the United States of America. The thing is that for the last 2 months 6 tourists from the United States went to a better place on the territory of the Dominican Republic.

the Last deceased was the brother of a famous business woman, TV presenter Barbara Corcoran. From open sources it became known that the death was caused by cardiac arrest, the details, the police did not disclose the Dominican Republic.

Began a series of deaths of 41-year-old lady fainted, and then died immediately after tasting the drink from the Minibar on the rooms. 5 days later under almost identical circumstances went to hell even 2 people. Soon another tourist from the USA, the guest of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, located in the resort area of Punta Cana died tasting whiskey.

Though police Dominicana and distribute information about the deaths of tourists from US, but to the naked eye, that unites them one thing — drinking from the Minibar of the rooms. We can assume that the main culprit of all the ills of counterfeit alcohol, but at the same time aware of the complaints of tourists on the pungent smell of mold coming from the air conditioning in a strange cleaning products with a pungent aroma, used as maids in the local hotels.

the Ministry of tourism of the Dominican Republic believes that the death of tourists from the United States just a coincidence. By the way, in 2018 the Dominican Republic for the purpose of recreation was visited by 6.5 million tourists, of which 2.2 million were Americans.

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