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How to stop losing customers? press releases 13.06.2019 at 21:00

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And start taking clearing through a smartphone without the terminal. Buyers often have no small bills, they occasionally forget their wallets, and some simply have abandoned cash in favor of cards. Is it worth losing all these customers, if modern technologies allow to make cashless payment even easier and cheaper than before? Keep up with the times and accept payments anywhere using any smartphone or tablet without using a POS terminal!

what is it?

SovcomPay* is the new functionality in the mobile app "Cutbank light" Sovcombank, designed for small businesses with one-off orders or small stream. With it, the buyer can pay for goods and services by transferring money from your card directly to your Bank account.

no terminal

Now you don't need to buy POS-terminal 12 000, to connect and to learn to work on it. All that is required, is any smartphone or tablet with the app "Cutbank light", the account in Sovcombank and Internet access.

to Open a Bank account online, sending your phone number and remotely by signing the documents. Three minutes and details you have! It only remains to connect "Cutbank Lite" and download the app.

How it works?

To make a payment, the seller need to select the service SovcomPay in the application, enter the card number of the buyer or his cell phone number and email of the buyer to receive it. The whole operation takes 3-5 minutes. The money will be credited on the next working day, and the cards Sovcombank — instantly. The app works on iOS and Android, made intuitive. Information about all transaction amounts and their status is displayed in the interface.

How it works from the client?

If the customer uses for payment card Sovcombank, he will receive a confirmation code that you need to inform the seller if the card of another Bank — SMS with a link where he independently enters the data of your card.

the connection of the cashiers

you Can connect to the service an unlimited number of sellers, giving them the right of the cashier within the app. To do this, your employees should become clients of Sovkombank, passing self-registration online, and install it on your smartphone app "Cutbank light".

the Relevance and effectiveness

Small business, like anyone else, need to stay competitive. Due to the convenience SovcomPay casual buyers are not only not to leave you without shopping, but with the big share of probability will return again.

*"Sovcompay" (showcompleted (eng.)) service RBS system "Chat-Bank" for the Bank's clients (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who have an open Bank account that is connected to the RBS system "Chat banking", the service of Internet acquiring. Connection to the service is 1000 rubles, settlements on the cards issued by the Bank — 1%, issued by other banks — 2.3%, refund of payment taken with the use of cards issued by the Bank, free. The offer is valid at the time of advertising. PJSC "Sovcombank". General license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation No. 963.

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