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A car our habitat. When the air will be cleaner? :.: Article 18.06.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Air Pollution harmful substances have acquired dangerous to civilization character. In fact, the world got close to the point where the planet may die all life and it will become uninhabited. Scientists in the research identified that over the last three centuries in the atmosphere, the oxygen content decreased by 1%. The planet has no time to compensate for the consumption in the normal cycle of all gases. This means that people and all living things are not the main consumers of oxygen. To the fore came the internal combustion engines. If you take into account that the forests (the main suppliers of oxygen) on the planet are reduced, the production of vehicles grows, the prospect is very sad. Especially with the fact that the atmosphere is becoming more polluted. Photo: Depositphotos the problem of the survival of civilization in the period of the approaching global catastrophe has forced the international community to find ways of solutions. In particular, the greenhouse effect due to the presence in air of substances which do not allow the atmosphere to "reset" a part of the global warmth to the space. The earth began to warm up, leading to faster melting of Antarctica, Greenland and glaciers. Carbon dioxide emissions continue to exacerbate the situation. There is a need to ban the production of all cars on gasoline and diesel fuel. In full, the international community will abandon the internal combustion engines (ice) by 2050. A critical question is, will our civilization for three decades "improve" the atmosphere? The difficulty here is that the business with the ban of production of cars with internal combustion engines must shift to alternative engines (electric, hydrogen, etc.). But it's much easier to business is the production of gasoline and diesel fuel from petroleum. Somehow not very hard to believe that good sense will prevail. Although promising moments already. Photo: Depositphotos In Austria has decided to completely ban the sale of cars with internal combustion engines by 2030. In the UK the same step will make by 2032. In Germany, while not precisely defined the year of a total ban of sales of cars with internal combustion engines, but there are very actively engaged in discussions at the highest political and economic levels. As the saying goes, Europe is not silent and is valid. What can I say next? In a number of countries began imposing severe restrictions on the use of cars in cities. In Paris at the weekend you will not be allowed into the city by car with internal combustion engines manufactured before 1997, even with that exhaust it will be within the permissible limits. All admitted to the city other cars have to move with significant speed restriction. Photo: Depositphotos In Denmark embarked on the construction of new bike lanes and reduction of road construction. The former road is partly closed to vehicles with internal combustion engines and pass cyclists. In the end, this country is now among the European countries has the lowest level of people to cars. Of course, the problem of air pollution is being solved not only in Europe. Limitations on the use of road transport with internal combustion engines operate legally and in other continents. It is not the number of examples, and that the global community has realized the danger level and problem solve, based on their capabilities. ...

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