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What summer dishes prepared in the Royal kitchen? :.: Article 18.06.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

With the onset of summer, our diet is changing. Local vegetables, fruits, hot weather make adjustments. I wonder what "summer" dishes served to the highest personages, that of the "Imperial menu" easy to cook today? The basis for many summer soups sour soup. This is not the first dish, and a highly drink, extremely popular in Russia since XVI century. Mention of it we find many of the classics. Here is what Vladimir Giljarovsky: "...the sour soup is a drink, which is so hairoun that I had to plug in got the champagne glasses, and any bottle will break". In different sources you can find lots of culinary recipes, often takes a long time. Sour soup Sour soup — drink with the flour of osnovateli: Depositphotos First rye flour filled with warm water to a pulp and left covered for a few hours, then was poured into a clay bowl and put in warm oven for malting (to give the sweet taste) for 5-6 hours. Then re-poured into wooden bowls, adding water, and after liquid quite sour, was poured into the barrel, which add rye bread and various herbs: mint, black currant leaves, etc. a Barrel for several days, kept him warm, and then lowered into the cellar. In today's culinary websites offer to speed up the technology with the help of yeast and raisins, and rye flour to replace breadcrumbs. This is one of those recipes. 500 g rye bread pour boiling water (4 litres), steep 4 hours, strain and add 200 g of sugar dissolved in the wort yeast (40 g), mint, currant leaves and leave for 12 hours in the heat. Then drain, pour in a bottle with thick glass. In each put a few raisins. Put into the refrigerator. Sour soup will be ready in 3 days. On the basis of the cabbage soup you can cook beet soup, which was served to the Imperial table. Recipe botvinya with cucumbers Photo: Depositphotos Peeled cucumbers cut into cubes. Boil the sorrel in salted water, cool, RUB through a sieve. Young spinach and young beet tops to blanch it until tender, cool in cold water and finely chop. Connect and cooling. To fill sour soup, add chopped greens, ice cubes. The beet soup is served chunks of salmon, boiled and grated horseradish. Stuffed tomato in olive Smooth tomatoes cut into halves. Select core and fill the halves with chopped mushrooms. Put in a form greased with vegetable oil, sprinkle with grated rye breadcrumbs and put between the halves, a few cloves of garlic. Bake for 15 minutes. Spread on a dish with melted butter. Photo: Depositphotos Cucumbers Bechamel sauce Peeled cucumbers cut into flat circles, wash in cold water and boil in salted boiling water until tender. Drain the water and dry. In a saucepan melt the butter, put back the cucumbers, add sugar, nutmeg and Bechamel sauce. Stir well and pour onto a plate. Bechamel — white sauce made from butter, flour, milk (cream). Another unusual dessert. Apples with rice and a side of biscuit For this summer meals need small, smooth apples, which cut out the middle. Apples clear from the skin and boiled in sugar syrup. Blanched rice cooked in cream, adding vanilla. Fill with butter and sugar — the Foundation of meals. In figure lay out the apples. Around lay the sponge cake, carved figure. The dish is decorated with jelly of currants. Photo: Depositphotos Apples and apricots in the batter the Apples to clear, cut the middle and cut into rings. The apricot, remove the stone. Put in a bowl and pour over rum. After marinating in the rum to take a fork, dipped in batter and fry in plenty of fat. Dry on a napkin and serve on a platter, sprinkled with sugar. Batter: flour diluted with water, add vegetable oil and beaten egg whites. Reading the recipes of the past, never ceases to amaze delicious serving of some dishes. Often ice cream, glazed fruits were served in vases of oranges. For the manufacture of these vases oranges versed into slices, a little dry, was glasinovich. Ready slices glued a thick sugar syrup. Had to work fast, often made in advance of the drawing. The lower tier was made of large slices. Vase decorated with glazed fruit. Or stuffed with rose petals, quince. Quince cleansed, removed the core, cut into halves, were aterials in syrup until soft. Separately glasinovich rose petals in sugar syrup. Quince is filled with dried petals and carefully poured the jelly. Photo: Depositphotos the summer menu a lot of sweets, but almost all of them based on fruit. Of course, many delicious meals difficult to repeat, but some of the Imperial cuisine, we can try in our day. ...

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