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What to do if you really hot? :.: Article 18.06.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Hot weather brings not only subjective discomfort. Many of the processes occurring in the body that are affected by high temperature, are important for human health. Some of them are vital. This observation has led people to study the heat effect on the body and look for ways to protect against it. Why do I feel worse? Deterioration of health with increasing ambient temperature due to the following mechanisms: Increases the load on the cardiovascular system. This is due to the expansion of peripheral blood vessels, leading to a drop in blood pressure. Heart to maintain a normal blood flow has to work even harder, taking on the often overwhelming burden. This happens on the background of deficiency of minerals necessary for normal functioning of the heart, which are lost due to sweating.Heavy sweating promotes the loss of fluid and essential body nutrients, particularly potassium and magnesium, important for proper heart and other muscular organs, and normal functioning of the nervous system. Another negative consequence of sweating — increased viscosity of blood. This condition is dangerous high risk of developing cardiovascular disorders and thrombosis. Drink plenty of bodyfat: Depositphotos reducing the volume of fluid in the body, like in a vicious circle, further reducing blood pressure, forcing the heart to work harder leading to increased heart rate. Imbalance of fluids and electrolytes affects not only neuromuscular transmission, but also on the functioning of the Central nervous system. The result of violations may be unmotivated to change the emotional background. There is a growing level of irritation and aggression, blunted attention and speed of reactions, reduced ability to concentrate. How to help the body? The answer, at first glance, obvious. The intense body loses fluid, so the volume should be promptly replenished. However, there are nuances. Drink natural mineral water to replenish the balance of electronicoffee: When sweating, the body loses not only water but also vital minerals. For the purpose of prevention of metabolic disorders experts recommend to drink hot unsweetened juices, including vegetable, broths, infusions and fruit drinks from fruits, berries and herbs. Good effect gives the use of mineral water without gas. The increased volume of fluid intake should be spread throughout the day. Clothes better to choose from a dense natural fabric, in this sense, the perfect len. An important part of the wardrobe in the heat is headwear that can protect you from overheating the head. Follow the atmosphere in pomestite: Depositphotos To maintain a comfortable temperature in the living room, without air conditioning, it is recommended that early in the morning, draw the curtains to the air in the room did not have time to warm up. At night you can open the window. Activates the movement of air and create a cool fan. The food is recommended to give preference to fruits and vegetables, light meals of lean meat and fish. What not to do. First of all, we should caution that should not hinder the perspiration, using special tools. It's a natural protective response that promotes the cooling of the body and prevents overheating. At high ambient temperatures is not recommended sudden cooling, cold shower, cold drinks, as a sharp drop in temperature can cause vasospasm, increased subjective discomfort. Not suitable as a beverage and alcohol. Should not be in extreme heat to overload the diet with heavy food: in particular, fatty fried meat, it is recommended to prefer something easier. Photo: Depositphotos Conclusion the Heat, as we know, bones ache. However, it can change the composition of the blood, can cause malfunction of the nervous system, forcing the heart to work to the limit. The rules of conduct in hot weather should pay attention primarily to people intolerant to high temperature....

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