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What is the dermaroller? :.: Article 19.06.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

One of the best-selling women popular devices for the implementation of cosmetic procedures is the dermaroller. This novelty in the world of cosmetology has managed to gain the trust of the fair sex in the world! What is it? What results can you expect from using a dermaroller? Let's figure out these issues. Thanks to advances in science expensive salon, it becomes possible to exercise at home without huge financial costs. One such achievement is the dermaroller. Results from the use of this revolutionary beauty devices comparable to mesotherapy carried out in the condition cosmetology clinics and beauty salons. Numerous scientific studies have proven that this device is beneficial to the skin, providing regeneration and improving skin tone. Through the use of this product is to get rid of scars, scars, acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots. It can even help to cope with the problem of baldness. The use of the dermaroller provides a stable and long-lasting results and helps to avoid resorting to plastic surgery. Photo: Depositphotos What is a dermaroller? This is the small size of the rotating roller on the handle. The cushion is supplied with numerous needles of microscopic size, is made of steel with the addition of noble metals (gold, platinum, silver). When conducting dermaroller skin roller rotates and there are numerous needles pricking the skin. Due to this stimulates collagen necessary for skin regeneration. This is the main principle of the device. Additionally due to the numerous perforations of the skin it formed microscopic channels, allowing cosmetic serum or cocktails penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Procedure with the use of dermaroller perfect substitute for salon mesotherapy, dambrosio and laser skin resurfacing. Mesoroller are different. They are distinguished by the length of the needles. Mesoroller distinguished by the length of iPhoto: Depositphotos For professional use apply to devices with high penetration rate. They are used exclusively in a clinical setting to address serious cosmetic problems. The procedure with the use of the dermaroller should hold a specialist. It requires the use of local anesthetics as a professional device — not painless to use. Mesoroller with a low degree of penetration recommended for use in the home. They are affordable, easy to use and absolutely painless. It gives very good results, which makes them attractive to buyers. These devices gently stimulate the skin, causing it to produce collagen. Their action is more "friendly" compared to salon treatment. The use of such devices will not damage the epidermal barrier, with virtually no side effects. If you have decided to purchase the dermaroller for use at home, you need to find out all the details on this beauty device. The dermaroller will help to solve problems with cosatto: Depositphotos What problems can be solved through its application? The dermaroller you can help: If you are concerned about burn marks, scars, postoperative scars on the skin.If you want to get rid of stretch marks on thighs and Breasts, which is especially important for women after childbirth. If you want to tighten up the belly.If you are concerned about the problem of age-related changes of the skin, manifested in its sagging and sagging.If you want to tighten the skin after liposuction or sudden weight loss.If you want to get rid of cellulite.If you upset troubled skin, characterized by enlarged pores, signs of acne. If you want to align and improve the complexion, eliminate skin irregularities.If you set a goal to reduce visible wrinkles on the face and rejuvenate, eliminate swelling of the eyelids, to make them less visible nasolabial folds, get rid of double chin.If your husband is suffering from alopecia, the device will be useful to him. Its application prostimulirujte hair growth in problem areas.If you are concerned about the problem of hyperpigmentation. The benefits of using a dermaroller at home include: ease of use; the absence of painful sensations during the procedure; wide spectrum action; the ability to use the device on different parts of the body; fast healing mikrorynok on the skin; no adverse effects from the use of the device in the form of wounds or scars; use in home; available the price of the instrument; the possibility of multiple use. However, you should understand that, despite all visible advantages of dermaroller, there are a number of contraindications to its use. The area with a mole must not be exposed to metallurgico: Depositphotos Should carefully review the list and abandon its use if: you Have moles on parts of the body where you intend to use the dermaroller.You suffer from skin infections or diseases.You have keloid scars on the affected areas of the body.You are afflicted with the herpes virus.Problem areas of the body there is damage in the form of wounds, abrasions, cuts.You suffer from rosacea.You are carrying a child.Are you sick of hemophilia.You are taking anticoagulants.You go through the therapy with the use of corticosteroids.You suffer from epilepsy.You are in a feverish condition.You have an autoimmune disease.You have cancer.You have exacerbation of chronic disease. Among the side effects that may occur when using the dermaroller, can be identified such as: a painful feeling during use of the instrument in areas with sensitive skin; burning sensation and dryness of the skin;allergic skin reactions;in rare cases you may experience headaches if you suffer VSD; the appearance of hematomas. Photo: Depositphotos If you use different creams, cosmetic masks, peels and massages do not give the desired result, it makes sense to think about purchasing the beauty of a gadget called a dermaroller. It can be used to significantly improve the appearance and rejuvenate, without resorting to expensive salon treatments. However, before you decide to buy the device, you must determine whether you have contraindications to its use. It is advisable to consult your doctor. ...

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