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How to fight off advertising? Be yourself :.: Article 19.06.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

To sell any product or service requires advertising. From the point of view of the average person, it looks quite otherwise. We slip unwanted items, take time and attention overload "information garbage", to impose an artificial way of thinking. How to fight back and not be a "pawn in someone else's game", will be discussed later. For simplicity, we will refer to is any action for the sale of goods or services. Although there are advertising, PR, sales promotion and other marketing activities. That is, the author is aware of, but we will not delve much into marketing in this case. History of advertising in our country Photo: Source In the early 90-ies in our country people are first faced with advertising. And everyone was under the magic influence of advertising and television commercials. They looked, discussed, believed them, at least for a certain time. Then came the Internet, and advertising was there. Later, the Network users have to pay less attention to it. Now advertisers continue to slap us in different ways. Changing methods of distribution and methods of delivery. For example, we are trying to entertain, teach, surprise and shock, constantly find the "saps" like a parent theme, social responsibility, and nostalgia. However, advertising takes time and load us with unnecessary information. Well, some spontaneous purchases are also quite possible that they actually expect. The first thing to prevent unwanted pokupayte: Depositphotos instructions for use: close of advertising our Main goal is to prevent unnecessary purchases. Another efficient use of your time and protect yourself from "information garbage". As for the time, and after receiving the advertisement replaying various commercial offers, even without buying anything. But your time must be expensive! 1. Television and radio advertising: To begin with — not see everything. Choose this really interesting channels and programs. When it is, you can leave or turn off the sound. You can download interesting programs on the computer and watch you (or even listen). So you are not going to get anything from "advertising food". Sometimes just watching a good movie, let it be a small event, like when people take video tapes in the rental. Some radio stations on the Internet advertising twist. Listen to music and audiobooks. So you go from advertising and also news. Protect yourself from unwanted reklamefoto: Depositphotos 2. Print advertising. If it's magazines or Newspapers, you need the same selectivity. If you are just flyers, it is not necessary to clutter up the house. Throw them out of the mailbox, never on the street. 3. The Internet. To close the advertisement on the net, you have less to transmit information about themselves, taking care of their information security. After this, you and advertising will show less. Another feature is that by collecting information about you, advertising can be shown after considerable time and a completely different way. It is not just about targeted advertising online. For example, you can call the phone to send a "tempting offer" for the usual Inbox, send SMS at the moment of your finding in a specific shopping Mall. This is due to the transfer (sale) of information about you to other advertisers. 4. Telephone calls (direct sales). Phone calls trying to sell suppress setupauto: Depositphotos If you have a phone call with the promotional offer, then interrupt the caller with the phrase "I don't need it" and immediately hang up. The second time, as a rule, no one calls back. Thus, you'll not only save time but also protect yourself from telephone scams. Also don't let strangers something to offer you outside in the Intrusive form. The obsession of advertising Gradually people have become more resistant to direct advertising products (there was even talk of a "crisis advertising" in General, but that's another topic). Therefore, direct advertising gradually go and use the so-called "PR technologies" — promotion through publication in mass media, as the latter is widely used on the Internet (blogs, sistance celebrities, discussion forums). The techniques to manipulate opinion can be used at a deeper level than conventional advertising. Don't allow yourself to impose someone else's maniapoto: Depositphotos Today, the main purpose of advertising is not to sell something right away, and to impose on society a certain way of life that will ensure a sale in the future (entertainment options, the need to constantly shop, the need to "glamorous lifestyle" or at least to strive for it, to be someone similar). It would seem that every person has its own opinion, and it is impossible to impose someone else's point of view, but popular culture is often formed through the imposition of someone's opinion through advertising. In the end, due to the introduction of a new brand or service sector we are changing their habits, attitudes, moral values. And this in itself is bad. As a result, individuality is lost, and the true values are replaced by illusory. And, of course, so we buy a bunch of junk again. The next time you will have in mind to start saving money for a particular expensive purchase, think for a minute: do you really need to do that or you just read somewhere about this? In the next part of this article we'll talk about the "publicity stunt" that apply when selling goods or services. To be continued......

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