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Whether a serious disease is malaria? :.: Article 19.06.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Well, I think — a disease! Midge bitten and began to decline, the need for a little treat, to drink quinine or some antibiotics and that's it. There is much to think about! Not the plague the same as a nuisance. But is it? Malaria people have known for almost 5,000 years. The first historical descriptions of the disease made in China around 2700 BC, the Marsh fever was known on all continents long before the birth of Christ. It is assumed that Lord Byron died of malaria. As Alexander the great, Genghis Khan, Dante and Christopher Columbus. The cause of the disease — malaria plasmodia. A carrier of the disease are mosquitoes infected with Plasmodium. One bite of a small Midge and the man begins to torment fever, from which you can die. Photo: Depositphotos And doctors... If in the Middle ages they talked about the obsession with devils or demons, in the enlightened nineteenth century, they already spoke of marsh miasma as the source of the fever. Moreover, the very name "malaria" comes from Italian "mal aria" — "bad air". In the nineteenth century, Europeans colonized a variety of "backward" territory — and in so many places was raging malaria. France actively fought in Algeria. And malaria, including fatalities, there sick hundreds of thousands of French soldiers. Army doctor Charles the laweran hostel examined under a microscope the blood of patients in 1880 he determined that the cause of the disease is the "simplest" organism. Didn't believe him. Indeed, the cause of this serious disease themselves the marshes and their inherent miasma and mal aria! Charles Laurenpolo: the Doctor fought for their opening with the authorities of contemporary science. And he managed to convince them that miasma at anything. When the discovery of Laveran was recognized at that time famous scientists-microbiologists, quickly found a host for the disease — the Anopheles mosquito. And while treated malaria only the bark of the Cinchona tree to reduce diseases was the easiest way to water nearest to the people of the swamp poison, to kill mosquitoes. How to treat malaria? The Chinese were ill with malaria for 5,000 years. And in China the scholar GE Hong (340 BC) discovered that treat malaria can taking powder of Artemisia Annua. But the Chinese open for a long time their country has not left. Europe has found another cure for malaria. Wormwood of odnoletnego: In South America, trees of the genus Cinchona. They say that once upon a time suffered from malaria, a local resident fell from weakness near small lakes, in which the storm toppled one of the trees Cinchona. Him very thirsty, he crawled to the water. Alas, it was bitter — water of the lake washed the bark of the tree and it acquired its bitter taste. Indian still drunk, to go on his forces. Got drunk, fell asleep, and woke up healthy. Since then, local residents collected the bark of these trees and gave sick with fever a decoction of the bark, after which the malaria was quickly cured. Already in 1633, the priest Antonio di Tower described the properties of the bark of the "fever tree." The bark began to collect and to send to Europe to treat malaria. Then the seeds of the Cinchona tree was taken to other English and Dutch colonies. Best failed tree planting on the island of Java. They collect up to a third global gathering of the Cinchona bark. Cinchona of derivate: And finally — the most unpleasant. When to treat malaria by killing the Plasmodium, these protozoa are trying to mutate to acquire resistance to medications against malaria. And gradually, there are areas where malaria cannot be cured by conventional means — require stronger medications. The drug-resistant malaria is prevalent in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The whole XX century humanity is struggling with infectious diseases. Defeated smallpox. The plague has ceased to devastate the country. In 1975, it was even declared victory over malaria. Alas. Then, victory have managed to achieve mass processing of malarial swamps poisons DDT-based. But when DDT was banned mass consumption, malaria again beginning to spread around the world. Photo: Depositphotos nowadays in the world annually fall ill with malaria and 500 million people, and fatal outcome per year — up to 3 million people! And suffer from malaria in our time, mostly pregnant women and children under the age of 5 years. Over the past 40 years, the pace of distribution increased by about 4 times. Among infectious diseases, malaria is on the 5th place. And you say the mosquito has bitten......

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