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How to tell fortunes in the tea? :.: Article 19.06.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Few tea lovers know that this aromatic and bracing drink to find out their fate. One of the oldest forms of divination and widespread in China is divination by tea. The people of China have never been particularly religious, however, such prophecies tend to be treated with the utmost seriousness. They are convinced that nothing in this life happens by chance. All the good and bad that happens to us is not an accident, but the will of Heaven. Offer our readers, big fans of this fragrant beverage, not only to enjoy its exquisite taste and aroma, but also try to look into the future. Tea leaves will give you a hint and answer the question that interests you most. To learn your future, just one Cup of your favorite tea. Pour a glass of boiling water teaspoon of welding and cover the Cup with a saucer. Ten minutes later the drink is ready. Photo: Depositphotos Use this time to relax, to banish from his head of extraneous thoughts, to tune into the upcoming action. Don't forget to focus on the issues that you are most concerned with and the answer to you want to receive. Proponents of this ancient method of divination believe that the location of the tea leaves depends on the impact of the biofield wonder dry tea leaves during brewing of the beverage. On the surface of tea in a mug reflects what is happening with that person in real time, and what is still unknown and belongs to his future. It is only necessary to be able to read the tea leaves, which are something of a status indicator to guess its capabilities. The results are interpreted as follows: 1. On the surface of tea tea leaf floats on the left side and two on the right. This is a good omen, which promises happiness in love, success and financial profit of Gad. In a relationship with someone you love everything goes as well as possible, divination predicts complete mutual understanding and trust. The work will have the opportunity for rapid promotion. Support from the authorities is guaranteed. In the new year expected receipt of considerable sums of money. Should be wary to lend. Photo: Depositphotos 2. Two tea leaves floated on the opposite sides of the Cup, towards the bottom on the right side, another small tea leaf. Not a good sign. Conflicts in the family. Quarrel with a loved one because of his dissatisfaction with your lack of attention. The work expected of a succession of problems. You may lose your initiative. Planned emotional breakdown on the grounds of turmoil on the personal front. Coming financial problems. It is likely that you will have to borrow money from friends. It's not the best way affect the relations with them. 3. On the surface on the right side of the Cup surfaced two oblong tea leaves in contact with each other ends, and on the opposite side is float two large tea leaves. Such an arrangement of tea leaves in a Cup does not Bode well. In the professional field is coming a series of failures, which can lead to loss of confidence in themselves and their abilities. You almost lose your earnings. You may be tempted to improve their shaky finances by resorting to gambling. Try not to give in to him. This will only aggravate the situation. Just love this arrangement of tea leaves heralds the joy of a long-awaited reunion with her lover. Photo: Depositphotos 4. Welding is almost all lies at the bottom of the mug, left side only slightly raised above it or two tea leaves. Upon receipt of such pictures on the surface, we can expect the fate of anything-both good and bad. It is a favorable omen for lovers, as it promises to completely eliminate all differences between them. Quarrels and disagreements will be left behind. Some cooling that was felt between you and your loved one last time, give way to the deep sense of total joy. But regarding your professional activity, we should expect deterioration of the situation and other troubles. You will not be able to take advantage of opportunities that appear. This can lead you in the upset feelings. In financial Affairs it also does not Bode well. Cash receipts are not expected. You can expect financial problems. You can try to solve them, tried luck in cards and other gambling games. Refrain from distant trips. They promise failure. You should beware of ruin. 5. All welding on the surface of the drink. This means that you have incorrectly made the tea before the water carefully boil. From which it follows that happiness can not see how their own ears. For love is also a bad sign. The very fact that you do not know how to make tea, speaks volumes about the fact that you lack endurance and patience, once you pour the tea leaves with water which is boiling. The one who dreams about the perfect love, must learn to be more thorough and conscientious person. In monetary terms, it also does not Bode well. Due to excessive haste you miss the opportunity to improve their financial situation. Photo: Depositphotos 6. On the surface of tea is only one tea leaf, floated half, and even a few slightly raised above the welding on the bottom of the mug. Happy sign. All family troubles and quarrels behind us. In love and work, you will have good luck. You expect career advancement. Possible win large sums of money. We use the same ancient Chinese wisdom and unveil the veil behind which is hidden our future. An ancient method of divination by tea will tell you what to expect from tomorrow. Even if you don't believe in divination, anyway brew yourself a Cup of fragrant beverage. It will give you pleasure, and received a good prophecy will lift your spirits and make you believe in happy signs of destiny. ...

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