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Electronic Arts assures all that the containers do not involve gambling, and considers them "quite ethical" the latest news on games. 19.06.2019 at 17:23 ( - all about the world of computer games.

The Vice-President of Electronic Arts, legal and public Affairs Kerry Hopkins in a speech before the British Committee for culture, media and sport said that the game company uses the "mechanics related to the surprise." The closest analogue of such mechanics are kinder suprise and other toys, the contents of which you know only after the open. It's not gambling, says Hopkins. According to the Vice-President of the EA, the implementation of a set of cards from FIFA Ultimate Team "is actually quite ethical, quite fun and love people." As you know, FIFA Ultimate Team can be purchased for real money random sets of cards with the players, of which assemble the dream team. "We agree with the commissions in Britain, Australia and many other countries, which consider such elements of the mechanics of gambling. We do not agree with the evidence that it is associated with gambling. We believe that if well managed people can get pleasure from this, as in the case with other similar products. Here we have the element of surprise and only," said Hopkins. Of course, EA does not agree with the authorities of Belgium and Holland, which equated luchbox to gambling.