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5 minute Project Borealis, fan-made version of Half-Life 3 the latest news on games. 20.06.2019 at 07:48 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Half-Life 3 from Valve – a pipe dream for many players that probably it will remain. But as you know, the story of Gordon Freeman trying to finish fans. Team Project Borealis, consists of 80 developers have shared the first video from the game. The plot is based on the story of the former Valve writer Marc Laidlaw, written by the third episode of Half-Life 2 which never came out. In the video Freeman gets on the snow-covered Arctic base Processor, where shooting from the enemies. In the game, created on the Unreal 4, there is a system of destruction and physics system that allows you to lift multiple objects at the same time.

Obviously, the project is at an early stage, since the picture is lacking a lot of the item. Also submitted a video telling about the work on the Project Borealis.