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How to go to School to design interfaces

Blog Yandex 21.06.2019 at 09:45

Blog Yandex

We continue the set in interface development, which will open this fall. Listeners SRI acquainted with the basics of industrial front-end development. In the classroom will tell you how to create large interfaces and high-load Internet services such as Yandex services. Developed by pretender work in teams with managers and designers, and together they are responsible for ensuring that the service was intuitive and convenient to users.

who designed a School

According to the statistics of previous years, the majority of students — undergraduates and graduates of technical universities. In fact, we are not very important whether you have a diploma and what it says. First and foremost, we look at skills. A basic set of requirements — knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript experience developing interfaces, even in a small Amateur project, and the desire to learn.

How is the set

We ask applicants to fill in a questionnaire and to perform the test task. The form to get a General idea about your experiences: what challenges have you had to decide what tools you worked. Using the test task we check you in. Tasks this year is quite creative. They do not have a single solution — a way to test how you think and reason.

the works will be closed between 22 and 28 July — as soon as a sufficient number of applicants who completed the task. After that we will check the work and send the authors of the best invitation to class.

How to prepare for the arrival

If you're under SRI in this year, I advise you to first read the introductory handling old tasks. You will learn what criteria are valued work and what common mistakes applicants. Also pay attention to the post of head of the SRI of Sergei Berezhnoi — in it he talks about how he developed School development interfaces, and gives a list of training materials: books, online courses, lectures and screencasts.

What happens in the classroom

Training in School takes place in two stages. The first, from 7 September to 25 October, includes lectures and practical classes. The second phase, from October 26 to December 3, — team work. The SRI students will participate in hackathons and work on real projects together with the managers and designers of Yandex.

the Defence of graduation projects in the School of development of interfaces, 2018

Classes are held in the evening on weekdays and on Saturdays in our Moscow office. Students from other cities we will pay for travel and accommodation in the capital. Another option for non-resident part — time tuition: you can come to Moscow just for the practice stage, and lectures to listen to broadcasts via the Internet.

After School

first SRI gives practical experience in frontend development. This is an opportunity to learn from the best programmers of Yandex and to learn to work in teams on large projects. Those who are good will manifest itself in the classroom, we traditionally offer work in Yandex. In eight years of existence SRI graduated 539 people; 244 became our employees. Graduates of the School are working on Search, Maps, Metric and other Yandex services.

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