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Trading recommendations for 18.06.2019

Portal Forex trader 17.06.2019 at 19:52

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On the EURUSD price went back under the 1,12500 level and trend line, forming the Inner bar. It seems that a breakout of the trend line was about and will continue to drop to or below 1,11000. Look here to sales.

the Fundamental news Nikkei Asia Pacific and + 0.03% KOSPI — 0.22 PERCENT, the S&P/ASX 200 up 0.35%, Hang Seng + 0.45% and Shanghai Composite + 0.2%, the Shenzhen Composite is 0.2%

the First auction of this week, Asian markets have passed with minimal activity, the leaders of growth were the Hang Seng index, the exchange rate of the indicator has recovered after the change of the tough stance of the administration of Hong Kong. Her head Carrie Lam public apology to the demonstrators and postponed the adoption of the law on extradition to China for an indefinite period.

For other markets investors are waiting for the environment – the day the fed will announce interest rate decision, it can be reduced or would remain in former borders, with the promise of revision downward.

the morning came first this week, indicators by country:

New Zealand: consumer sentiment index, Australia index of housing prices, the US Dow Jones + 0.09 percent, the S&P500; to 0.09%, NASDAQ + 0.62 percent

American investors on Monday to buy out the reduction on Friday, the leader of the day was the NASDAQ which added to the course due to the rise of Netflix stock and Facebook – the company is preparing to launch its own cryptocurrency.

the Forex market, there is a slight weakening of the US dollar – traders have lost confidence in the reduction of the fed tomorrow and are concerned about the decline in the growth forecast for the world economy by Fitch.

the Evening news comes in:

United States: the construction permit and the amount of new buildings erected 15 to 30 Canada: sales promsektore – 15-30 Eurozone DAX to 0.09%, the CAC40 + 0,43% FTSE + 0,16 %

European markets at the auctions on Monday showed multidirectional dynamics, the exhibition in Le Bourget and preparation for the second round of voting for candidates for the post of Prime Minister of great Britain, ensured the growth of the French CAC40 and the British FTSE100 index.

the German DAX remained in negative territory, showing a growing political and economic crisis in the EU. Italy's national debt rose to a record of historical values, the country faces sanctions aimed at forcing the government to save.

They will require the Cabinet's rejection of the taken social obligations and preferential payments, which means political death for the opposition. Its leader Matteo Salvini has decided to seek support in the United States, arriving yesterday in Washington. At a meeting with Secretary of state Mike Pompeo revealed that Italy is ready to become American allies in Europe in exchange for trade agreements. Such a policy could make a political rift in the EU.

In the European session you should pay attention to the statistics:

9.00 – price index of producers of Germany 11-00 – introduction Mario Draghi at the ECB forum 12-00 – ZEW survey Germany 12-00 – inflation and trade balance of the Eurozone

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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