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Peter Rykov: the art of being a man

Article 18.06.2019 at 23:22

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With model looks, which have found application on the catwalks of Europe, the actor himself admits that neither then nor later, have not learned to use it. And it sounds convincing, because it is not usual rumors of broken female hearts and conquered beauties. The fans have to settle for a rare interview and work in theater and film.

But, perhaps this is a harsh approach and became the secret of success. In all seriousness many times forced the actor to wonder where to go next. And abandoning the vague prospects, he again and again took a step forward. First it was the decision to give up teaching at the musical College of Smolensk and the prospect was not. Smolensk, the beginning two-thousand... there was no one to tell the right actions, there was no one to send. There was a desire to use my abilities to foreign languages. And they are allowed to enter the speciality "Linguistics and intercultural organization" Smolensk state University. But the case has opened up other horizons. Peter Rykov offered to shoot for several Metropolitan journals, photos of which were very successful.

Shooting and auditions required moving at least in the capital. Training had to finish in the Moscow humanitarian Institute, but this was not the limit. Rykov soon went abroad, where for a long time was in demand by leading fashion brands. However, this was not enough. Life, like a dream, could not continue indefinitely, so the decision was made to return to Russia and do more. In 28 years, Peter Rykov entered the School of drama Herman Sidakova to check if he has a chance to not go on the podium and on the big stage. A year later he became a student of VGIK already. The search for the self, of course, is not over, but now the actor surprised the audience with new works in theater and film, and also returned to music and soon going to please fans of their first CD.

a view from the past

once the mark Sosnowski (Rykov) had an affair with the wife of the investigator Evgeny Romanov. Trying to figure out the lover of the wife-good Novels accidentally killed him. Many years later his daughter Marta will return to this crime.


mystical action At Peter Rykov was in command of the main characters. In the story, the young people become part of someone's bad game. They are all poisoned, and in order to survive, you must perform a number of difficult and strange assignments. Not all are successful. In the company of actor played Paul Priluchny, Agata muceniece, Mikhail Evlanov, Yana Kraynova.

, Bloody lady

Young Daria in the future, a cruel landowner, falls in love with Sergei Saltykov (Rykov) at first sight. But it was provately for his second cousin Gleb. Sergei is becoming a favorite of the Empress Catherine.


the show takes place in the 60-ies, and its characters – the young Soviet diplomats, MGIMO alumni. Peter Rykov played in the project of Ilya, a musician of the trio "Surf", which takes care of a lot Galina Wolin.

the ordeal

In the TV series-the film adaptation based on the novel by Alexei Tolstoy the actor played a Russian officer Zhukov, who stands up for Telegin, who organized the digging in captivity by the Austrians. Zhukov takes the blame. His example followed by all inmates, not allowing the enemy to calculate the real culprit.


the Biographical project tells the story of the famous Soviet dance ensemble. A soloist of "Birches" Alexey Pokrovskiy meets a pretty country girl Varya. On the same day they accidentally bump into on view at the ensemble. It turns out that Cooking came to do.

Nothing happens twice

In a lyrical story by Oksana Bayrak Peter Rykov played Yuri Potekhina, the son of wealthy parents, who do not allow to marry his girlfriend. Potekhin takes revenge on the family and years later marries his pregnant daughter father's chauffeur.

the Defendant

In the Russian adaptation of the Korean detective Rykov got the role of twin brothers. One of them is the President of the company, the other suspect in the murder of his brother. The investigator who undertake the investigation of this case, eventually finds himself behind bars.

Female doctor

a Doctor who heals not only physical health, but woman's soul is, of course, an obstetrician and gynecologist. In the new season about the life of a private gynecological clinic Peter Rykov will play the new female doctor Alexander Rodionov. Familiarity with the charismatic doctor in the autumn on the Domashnem.

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