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News. Sobchak is very advantageous divorced with Vitorgan

Women's magazine Kleo.Ru 21.06.2019 at 12:55

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All property acquired during the marriage, remained at Xenia. Maxim received the keys to the city apartment of the presenter and the opportunity to see my son at any time. Sobchak for a long time did not want to talk about the discord in the relationship with Maxim and that she had a lover. Only due to emotional attacks of her ex-husband and the conversations in the margins of capital's society, it became known that all the rumors is true. Against this background, many have been wondering how will its divorce from Vitorgan. It is known that she earns much more than wife, and the life together they bought two large the property: apartment in the capital and a house in the country. Not so long ago the long-awaited divorce process and the journalists managed to find out its details. It turned out that the former spouses managed to agree amicably. Division of property and custody of the common child pass without scandals. Vitorgan did not claim the property and stayed at two apartments owned before the Union with Ksenia. For its part, Sobchak very generous has allowed Maxim to communicate with their son by Plato. The actor can see him whenever I want. Moreover, the man had the keys to her housing. TV presenter did not take them. Vigilant neighbors told the press that in the days when Sobchak not home, max remains with Plato on all night.

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