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Auto loans Cetelem Bank is now available in "Sberbank Online" press releases 24.06.2019 at 14:24

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In the framework of the strategy for the transformation of Sberbank into a single ecosystem of successful integration of car loans a subsidiary of Cetelem Bank the system of Internet banking "Sberbank Online". To get a loan to buy a car (new or used) the client can now apply to him in a familiar interface "Sberbank Online" — the mobile app and the web version — and get approval in Cetelem Bank.

the Customer chooses the model of the car, after which he offered the options available car loans with discounts and special terms of the financial programs implemented by Cetelem Bank, together with car manufacturers and dealerships. Filling out the loan application takes just three minutes due to the fact that many of the data are automatically taken from the customer profile. A decision on the application is taken on average for 30 seconds.

After the approval of the client by using the interactive map selects the dealership to purchase the car and then signing papers at the car dealership, you may leave your car.

Sergei Shirokov, managing Director of division "Borrow and save" savings:

"Integration products auto loans Cetelem Bank "Sberbank Online" will help to improve the experience of users of the remote service system of Sberbank. Due to the interaction of the member companies of the Sberbank group, we form the complete set of credit products available to the customer on a single platform. Making of loans Cetelem Bank in the online channel Sberbank is a good example of group synergy. Since the technical launch of the service have already used over 130 thousand of our customers."

Andrey Lykov, Chairman of the Board of LLC "setelem Bank":

"Cooperation with major car manufacturers and authorized dealers, and active participation in the state program of preferential car loans allow Cetelem Bank to offer its customers some of the most interesting conditions of auto loans in the market. To special programs with car manufacturers, the client has the opportunity to get loans at attractive rates. You can obtain a loan on both new and used cars. Through the integration of credit offers Cetelem Bank "Sberbank Online," Sberbank's clients can enjoy favorable terms on car loans at a qualitatively new level. An additional advantage for the customer is that in the "Sberbank Online" is possible not only to choose the most suitable option of lending and get quick decision on the loan, but also to get information about it and manage its repayment".