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New Pandect X-3190 now!

Alarm Obninsk 25.06.2019 at 23:31

Lineup Pandect X added another high-end product series 31hh with advanced equipment and unique characteristics, microhylidae Pandect X-3190 c a wide range of interfaces 2CAN, LIN, IMMO-KEY, Bluetooth, LoRa 868MHz, GSM/GPRS.

Functionally the product is analogous to the existing Pandect X-3110i Pandect X-3150, used but updated (more modern) circuitry and radio channel with new algorithmic modulation LoRa. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth interface supports most protocols and functions are compatible with the Bluetooth Protocol 5.0, and the entire set of updated Bluetooth peripheral devices. Power consumption reduced by 15% compared to the previous systems line. In addition, significantly changed the GSM antenna to improve call quality, especially in terms of the distance from base stations of GSM-operators.

the Main feature of the system is its increased range dialog connection with the keychain. The complete system included our long-range key chain D-022, which uses algorithmic modulation LoRa in radiodifusora 868MHz. The keychain is integrated LiPo-battery with charging option via micro-USB connector. The capacity of this battery is sufficient to complete the work within one month and even more. And when the discharge is approaching the critical level of 20%, the keychain automatically enters power saving mode (turns off the constant reception of messages but leaving the owner the ability to send commands), allowing the owner many times to use it through the procedure of inclusion to the ability to connect it to the charger. Sufficient time for 100% charging in just 30 minutes.

Also, the package system includes a relay module RMD-5M, Bluetooth radio relay of hidden locking motor BT-101 Bluetooth of radioarena PS-331BT , providing the full set of underhood switching, eliminating the pulling of the wires from the car.

the Product is optimized for use in low temperatures down to -55 degrees, with no loss of communication quality as the GSM radio channel, and improved LoRa-radio, which today hardly has close competitors in the real range dialog box connection, as in terms of urban interference and the city.

Meet the new micro system Pandect X-3190, which combines the possibilities of unlimited communication via GSM and supertalent work in the usual way with the keyfob!

car Alarm Pandect X-3190 Integrated 2hCAN, LIN, ports IMMO-KEY, Keyless and/z-technology CLONE 868MHz LoRa, GPRS, GSM modem, Internet service, a/C, LBS coordinates, Bluetooth 5.0, keychain, label, vstr.the motion sensor, the built. microUSB keychain LCD D022, temperature sensor, radio relay BTR-101, the module RMD-5m, pezosiren PS-331BT 27 450 R Buy New!